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DCI video | 12/18/17
Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino says this weekend's opponents Manchester City are the "best team in Europe". | 12/15/17
Central banks in Europe showed continued caution about the region’s economic recovery, signaling that they are in no rush to follow the Federal Reserve in steadily raising interest rates. | 12/14/17
Europe is losing the fight against antimicrobial resistance (AMR). By 2050, AMR could cause more deaths than cancer; the economic damage will be on par with the 2008 economic crisis. | 12/12/17
Hundreds of flights are cancelled in the Netherlands and Belgium. | 12/11/17
The United States seems committed to belligerence in the Middle East. Europe can help de-escalate. | 12/11/17
Telecom operators have been pushing boundaries in Europe, where loopholes have left net neutrality regulations weaker than intended. | 12/10/17
Germany's foreign minister says a "United States of Europe" proposed by his party's leader wouldn't spell the end of nation-states on the continent. | 12/10/17
In an historical context, Europe is a colossal political success. Close-up, the picture, for many, looks starkly different. | 12/8/17
Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, the commander of U.S. Army Europe, will retire this month after overseeing the first buildup of America’s military posture in Europe since the Cold War, as tensions with Russia rise in the region. | 12/7/17
At a time of challenge, Europe still has what some might think is a surprising ace up its sleeve – immigration, writes Maha Akeel. | 12/7/17
HBO Europe has loaded up on “Gunpowder” and will show the BBC period series on its networks in the Nordics, Central and Eastern Europe, and Spain. The three-parter is a retelling of the 17th-century “Gunpowder Plot” to blow up the British Houses of Parliament. “Game of Thrones” star Kit Harington plays the lead role of […] | 12/4/17
2017 has seen a number of positive developments for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in Europe. The EU now needs to put in place a long-term policy framework that incentivises this low-carbon technology in Europe, writes Graeme Sweeney. | 12/4/17
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson embarks this week on a diplomatic mission to shore up alliances in Europe and their defences against Russian aggression and subversion. | 12/4/17
The EU-Africa summit in Abidjan confirmed the impression that for EU members from Central and Eastern Europe, Africa is not a big priority.  The same can be said about those countries’ media, who paid little attention to the gathering. | 12/1/17
Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa, Rovereto – Despite new laws and rules, femicide cases are still alarmingly high all around the world, included in Europe. See more . | 12/1/17
Europe’s window of opportunity to lead on 5G deployment is closing fast, writes Gabriel Solomon. A repeat of Europe’s mistake on 4G roll out would be regrettable. | 12/1/17
Who are the groups that will determine the direction of Europe in years to come? | 12/1/17
n a major foreign policy speech on US relations with Europe under Trump's 'America First' foreign policy, Tillerson described Russia as one of the "major challenges" facing Europe and the US. | 11/29/17
Last year, around 160,000 people contracted HIV, which causes AIDS, in 53 European countries. Eastern Europe is thought to be driving this 'upward trend' due to poor prevention campaigns. | 11/28/17
Cross-border and inter-regional cooperation in cohesion and research & development spending is still limited, but very much needed to prevent a multi-speed Europe writes Lambert van Nistelrooij. To unlock Europe's growth opportunities, the MEP calls for smart regional specialisation and an Innovation Pact 2.0. | 11/23/17
Plague was present in Europe during the late Stone Age, according to a study of ancient remains. | 11/22/17
Last season's Champions League semi-finalists Monaco are out of Europe after losing to RB Leipzig. | 11/22/17
The speed and scale of Europe’s economic recovery has taken almost everyone by surprise, and nowhere has the turnaround been more impressive than in central and Eastern Europe. Nonetheless, the region faces challenges that pose risks to the recovery. | 11/19/17
Claude Puel says Leicester were beaten by the "best team in Europe" as Manchester City produced another dominant performance at the King Power. | 11/18/17
HBO Europe’s upcoming original documentary slate spans films on activism, politics, music, and society in Europe, with projects from Mila Turajli? and Tereza Nvotova and four screenings at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, which began Wednesday. The slate is also notable for projects from first- and second-time directors such as Nvotova, Turajlic, Jan Gebert, […] | 11/17/17
Most people debating the future of Europe think in economic terms. But today we must think about how children in Europe are experiencing their childhood, as that will be the biggest determining factor of our future, writes Jana Hainsworth. | 11/17/17
Rocker Joey Tempest has learned a lot since those early years as lead vocalist and co-founder of Europe, the Swedish supergroup that rocked the ’80s and ’90s with hit songs like “The Final Countdown”. And with the boys in the band jumping back into the magic of Europe in 2004, Tempest and his teammates have […]
Europe needs to be a symbol of tolerance again, the French president tells the BBC. | 11/14/17
Following developments in Eastern Europe and Catalonia, EU foreign affairs ministers pledged more resources to fight against foreign interference in Europe, in particular coming from Russian actors. | 11/14/17
Vytenis Andriukaitis, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, joined Brian Maguire to discuss Europe’s fight against the deadly rise of superbugs. | 11/13/17
Whether it is an elderly German man who lost his job or a young boy that reached Europe fleeing war at home, Europe’s excluded are falling through the cracks of healthcare systems, writes Médecins du Monde. | 11/8/17
[Capital FM] Nairobi -Kenya Airways and KLM have partnered with one of the largest charter airline operator in Europe - TUI to boost tourism numbers in Kenya. | 11/6/17
A Soul for Europe, Berlin – Why and how cultural institutions could include the citizenship education component in all their activities is a matter of creating more awareness of the education capacity among initiators of cultural initiatives all over Europe, especially on local level, in the cities where they are based. See more . | 11/3/17
It marks another milestone for the brand. | 11/2/17
Tottenham have proved they belong among Europe's elite by beating Real Madrid, manager Mauricio Pochettino says. | 11/2/17
There have been a number of terror attacks in Europe and the United States where vehicles were used as weapons. | 11/1/17
There have been a number of terror attacks in Europe where vehicles were used as weapons. | 10/31/17
Pope Francis says that Christians can help shape Europe's future by promoting political dialogue "especially where it is threatened and where conflict seems to prevail." | 10/28/17
Where do you find what is billed as the biggest Halloween parade in Europe? | 10/27/17
An EU cybersecurity fund could help fill in the “strategic competences” Europe still lacks in the technology sector, according to the head of the EU public-private partnership on cybersecurity. | 10/25/17
A Soul for Europe, Berlin – The EU and Europe as a whole would be well advised to become aware of the fact that the very concept of political and cultural sovereignty originates from the city, its citizens and their citizenship, says Architect and co-founder of “A Soul for Europe”. See more . | 10/24/17
European Union chief Donald Tusk has weighed in on the continent's migration debate, describing Europe as a "cultural community" whose heritage must be preserved. | 10/24/17
At Europe's oldest battlefield, archaeologists found new clues about who fought on the skeleton-strewn grounds some 3,250 years ago.
Facial recognition is gaining ground in Europe. But this technology, used to achieve common security objectives on the ground, raises questions about human rights. EURACTIV France reports. | 10/20/17
The Originals Season 5: Caroline Gives Klaus an Intervention in Europe | 10/19/17
Europe’s most innovative start-ups include a belt that tells you where to go, lego-like modular solar panels, and smart chemicals that give wood a second life. But ‘unicorn’ companies are a rare species in Europe: EURACTIV went to Budapest to learn what the EU does to breed more of them. | 10/19/17
How Catalonia's bid for independence could change the map of Europe. | 10/19/17
Marc-Alexander Mahl is President of Medicines for Europe. Europe’s healthcare model is under pressure. Populations are ageing in Europe – with the number of Europeans aged 65 or over set to rise by 45 million between 2015 and 2050.(1) This brings with it greater healthcare costs: currently, around 50 million EU citizens are estimated to […] | 10/18/17
Acclaimed photographer Derry Brabbs from Yorkshire presents incredible images of sights across Europe in new book Pilgrimage - The Great Pilgrim Routes of Britain and Europe. | 10/18/17 | hosting | | |