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The figures, released by the U.S. Department of Commerce, included a 10.1 percent drop in European travelers compared to the same period last year. | 9/19/17
The Influenza virus traditionally travels from East to West so what happens in the East is likely to find its way westwards. Judging from the negative experiences of Australia and New Zealand this (European) Summer - their Winter - healthcare authorities are bracing for the worst outbreak in a long time.

Kittens, they grow up so fast.

New mom Amanda Seyfried is going through some growing pains with the kittens she and husband Thomas Sadoski are fostering.

The couple recently took in a litter of kittens and their mom from Best Friends Animal Society and are caring for the furry crew until the little ones are old enough to be adopted. Seyfried, 31, can’t help but notice a similarity between her own life and that of the mother cat she is looking after.

“It’s such a truncated version of what I’ve gone through with my daughter,” she told PEOPLE about the bittersweet process of watching the kittens’ progress so far. “They grow up so fast.”

While watching the adorable kittens get big fast can be hard, she is amazed by the mom cat, who she described as a “natural” and is pleased to know that by fostering this litter, she and Sadoski are making room in the shelter for other needy animals.

Before the kittens and her own baby, Seyfried honed her maternal instincts with her rescue dog Finn.

“If I could, I would have him everywhere I go, he mostly is everywhere I go,” the actress said about the role her dog, who often makes an appearance on her Instagram, plays in her day-to-day life.

It has gotten to the point that when fans spot Seyfried on the street without Finn “they ask where he is.”

All of this is going to make an upcoming trip to Europe especially difficult.

“I am going to be away from Finn for six weeks. I have only done it once before,” Seyfried said, concerned over what it will be like to spend so much time apart from her furry other half.

Before her departure, Seyfried is fitting in plenty of quality time with Finn, which includes promoting Best Friends Animal Society’s Strut Your Mutt, an annual charity dog walk that travels to 14 different cities.

“This was one of the first things we got to do together to help animals,” said Seyfried on why the event is important to her and Finn. “Strut Your Mutt is like a holiday for us.”

Strut Your Mutt, which Seyfried also calls “heaven on Earth,” invites all dog owners and animal lovers to walk among hundreds of dogs to help raise money for Best Friends or one of the hundreds of other animals rescues, charities and shelters that also support the event.

“Getting pets and their people together to celebrate and raise money — it’s a good event and it’s really positive,” Seyfried said.

To learn more about Strut Your Mutt and sign up for an event in your area, click here. | 9/12/17
Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa, Rovereto – In tourist areas across Europe, the waste generated by tourism is managed by recycling and disposal systems that are often inefficient, as data collected in various European countries reveals. See more . | 9/11/17
Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa, Rovereto – Where new developments in European tourism are concerned, the substantial and steady growth of the Balkans as a destination for vacations and travel is one of the most significant trends in recent years. See more . | 8/25/17
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis travels to the Middle East and eastern Europe next week to play the increasingly familiar role of reassuring allies that the United States is committed to them despite mixed messages from President Donald Trump. | 8/19/17
World stocks were set for a second day of losses on Friday after an exodus of U. S. executives from presidential business councils dealt a fresh blow to hopes of tax reform and deadly attacks in Barcelona hit shares in European tourism firms. | 8/18/17
From the romantic canals of Venice to the walled mediaeval town of Dubrovnik via the wilderness of Scotland's Isle of Skye, tourism is morphing into a nightmare for many locals, despite the jobs and income it undoubtedly generates. | 8/17/17
From Scotland to Ibiza, critics of mass tourism are growing their ranks. EURACTIV partner Ouest-France reports. | 8/17/17

Patrick Dempsey is making his return to television with a starring role in a new EPIX miniseries.

It was announced Tuesday that production has begun on “The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair,” a 10-part adaptation of the European novel of the same name by Joël Dicker.

Dempsey, who hasn’t starred on TV since he left his long-running role on “Grey’s Anatomy” in 2015, will star as Harry Quebert, an author who is arrested for murder after the body of a 15-year-old girl who’s been missing for over 30 years.

Ben Schnetzer, who recently starred in the “Snowden” biopic and in “Warcraft,” will play Marcus Goldman, Quebert’s longtime mentee who travels to Quebert’s home in coastal Maine to cure his writer’s block. After his mentor is arrested, he begins to investigate the cold case, which eventually becomes the subject of his next book.

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Rounding out the cast is Damon Wayans Jr., who plays Sgt. Perry Gahalowood, a Maine State Police investigator who is looking into the teen’s death, and Virginia Madsen as Tamara Quinn, an owner of a local diner who knows more about Quebert than she lets on.

Other cast members include newcomer Kristine Froseth, Colm Feore, Josh Close, Matt Frewer, Connor Price, Tessa Mossey, Victoria Clark, Craig Eldridge, Kurt Fuller, Don Harvey, Felicia Shulman and Wayne Knight.

The book, published in 2012, has sold over two million copies worldwide and has been published in 25 languages.

Jean-Jaccques Annaud (“Seven Years in Tibet”) is set to make his television debut by directing every episode.

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“‘The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair’ was the ideal project for my first American television venture,” Annaud said in a statement. “It is a rich and nuanced novel set in a small New-England town and has all the elements for a classic mystery.”

Lyn Greene and Richard Levine of “Masters of Sex” wrote the pilot script and several episodes.

The two writers, along with Annaud, are executive producing, along with Tarak Ben Ammar and Fabio Conversi. The series is being produced by MGM Television, Barbary Films and Eagle Pictures.

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A huge wildfire is raging in Greenland. 150 km from the Arctic Circle and just 50 km away from Greenland's ice sheet, large swathes of tundra have been burning for over a week.

Nobody has seen anything like this in recent times.

Satellite imagery of Greenland, 50 km from the ice sheet, 3rd August 2017

In the last few years, catastrophic fires have been increasing around the world. From Indonesia to Canada, across South America and Africa, from Southern Europe into Siberia, and now Greenland too. Many are fatal. 

As you read this, over 1.6 million hectares of Russia are on fire. Forest fires of this scale are unmanageable and blazes like these have become the new normal in Russia.

Forest fires blazing in Siberia, 2016

Why do they keep getting worse?

Lack of forest management, insufficient funds for prevention and firefighting are partly to blame. But climate change is the real problem. The fire season in the boreal forests is getting longer every year. Hotter, drier weather spells make fire spread faster.

Fires like these aren’t just devastating because of the loss of forests, they also directly contribute to furthering climate change. As well as being massive emitters of carbon dioxide, satellite images show how the smoke from forest fires in Siberia travels north and reaches the Arctic. Black carbon pollutes the ice and makes it melt even faster.  

Smoke from forest fires in Siberia on 7th August 2017, NASA satellite image

It’s a feedback loop of destruction. Increased wildfires lead to more rapid climate change which in turn, leads to more wildfires.

Forest fires are one of the most significant sources of CO2 emissions after fossil fuels. We can’t afford to ignore this problem if we want to effectively stop climate change.

 Volunteer firefighters in Russia, 2016 

The impact of wildland fires on climate change hasn’t been properly acknowledged yet. The global threat posed by wildfires is underestimated. If we want to win this fight, we need to change government policies and raise the public's perception of the problem. That starts with awareness. Share this blog to make the world listen.

Chronic overcrowding in some of Europe’s beloved tourism hotspots is fueling an angry backlash, from polite protest to Go Home graffiti and even physical intimidation.
LOCARNO, Switzerland – Italian director Alice Rohrwacher (“The Wonders”) has started principal photography on “Lazzaro Felice,” about a man living on the margins of society who travels through time. The film’s European A-list ensemble cast comprises Sergi Lopez (“Pan’s Labyrinth”) of Spain and Alba Rohrwacher (“I Am Love”) and Nicoletta Braschi (“Life Is Beautiful”) of Italy.... Read more » | 8/7/17
At a time when U.S.-Russia relations seem to be hitting the lowest point in years, Vice President Mike Pence is visiting Eastern Europe to reassure governments there about American support. | 8/2/17
At a time when U.S.-Russia relations seem to be hitting the lowest point in years, Vice President Mike Pence is visiting Eastern Europe to reassure governments there about American support. | 8/2/17
At a time when U.S.-Russia relations seem to be hitting the lowest point in years, Vice President Mike Pence is visiting Eastern Europe to reassure governments there about American support. | 8/2/17
The tiny European nation of Slovenia is undergoing a tourism boom partly because it’s the native country of U.S. first lady Melania Trump.
[Financial Gazette] Tourist arrivals from Europe increased by 29 percent in the first quarter of 2017, compared to the same period last year, according to the latest Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA)'s tourism performance report. | 7/14/17
Authorities in the Balearic Islands, home to the party resorts of Ibiza and Magaluf, on Wednesday (12 July) asked Spain and the European Union to ban alcohol on flights and in airports as they battle "anti-social tourism". | 7/13/17
Celine Dion's travels brought her to Paris on Monday, which had her positively dancing out of the doors of the Royal Monceau hotel in the French capital during her European tour.
'YuriFineart' shows on YouTube how he uses Lightroom to transform images from his travels through Europe by raising shadows and tweaking contrasts.
The sector is expected to benefit from Chinese consumer spending, a return of tourism confidence in Europe and efforts by luxury brands to cater to millennials. | 5/29/17
BRUSSELS (AP) — In his first big tour on the world stage, President Donald Trump is choosing caution over his usual brand of chaos. The early morning Twitter rants that so often rattle Washington have disappeared as Trump travels through the Middle East and Europe.
BRUSSELS (AP) — In his first big tour on the world stage, President Donald Trump is choosing caution over his usual brand of chaos. The early morning Twitter rants that so often rattle Washington have disappeared as Trump travels through the Middle East and Europe.
The 71-year-old beauty and the 62-year-old doctor took a romantic trip to Europe last week and she has been documenting their travels on Instagram. She is best known for Charlie's Angels.
[Daily Observer] A consortium of European investors, who are on a weeklong visit in The Gambia held discussions with the officials of the Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, Ministry of Local Government and Lands, and as well the permanent secretary at the Ministry of Tourism and Culture for a possible investment in the country. | 5/12/17
Charles Barkley travels the United States to open a dialogue on race. And Adam Trent uses magic as a way to meet residents in Europe. | 5/11/17
The British exit from the European Union will have consequences for the Greek economy, especially on tourism, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs George Katrougalos said on Monday (8 May). | 5/9/17
Attacks in the city and in Europe have led luxury properties to lower prices — and to add perks. | 4/25/17
The White House is seeking a meeting between President Donald Trump and Pope Francis when the U.S. leader travels to Europe next month, a prospect welcomed by the pontiff, U.S. and Vatican officials said Wednesday. | 4/20/17
[Ethiopian Herald] Over hundred tourism professionals, tour operators, journalists, diplomats and investors recently were gathered at the Press Club Brussels in Europe to learn more about Ethiopia's cultural and tourism development. The event organized by the Embassy of Ethiopia in Brussels in collaboration with Forbes Africa Megazine and the Brussels Press Club aimed at promoting the good image of Ethiopia in Europe. | 4/14/17
[PR Newswire] London -TUI UK&I Customer Contact Director, and E.ON Vice President of Global Customer Experience, will share powerful insights into the future of the industry | 4/5/17
Britain should aim to secure visa-free travel between the UK and the European Union in upcoming negotiations to leave the bloc, an association of travel agents said on Tuesday (4 April), adding that a transitional deal could also help the sector. | 4/4/17
K Period Media, the production company that financed “Manchester by the Sea,” is co-financing the upcoming remake of the horror thriller “Suspiria” with Amazon Studios, Variety has learned exclusively. The remake of Dario Argento’s 1977 Italian cult classic stars Dakota Johnson as a young ballerina who travels to a prestigious dance academy in Europe, only to discover,... Read more » | 3/25/17
: Kerala Tourism is all set to leverage the internationally acclaimed Kochi-Muziris Biennale (KMB) to woo art-loving tourists to the 'God's Own Country' through a series of road shows abroad, especially in Europe. | 3/23/17
After a European jaunt that included travels through Italy and - according to her - a rather eventful stop in Germany, Kim Zolciak's back stateside. She flashed her chiseled midriff beneath a crop top.

BRIDGETOWN – With the United Kingdom scheduled to officially advise the European Union next Wednesday of its intention to leave the EU, triggering two years of Brexit negotiations, Caribbean tourism officials... | 3/20/17
Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett yesterday announced that one of Europe's leading airlines, Eurowings, a subsidiary of Lufthansa, would begin operating a twice-weekly scheduled service between Germany and Montego Bay.Lufthansa is one of the world's...
[New Zimbabwe] THE Tourism Authority (ZTA) has dismally failed "penetrate the western world and lure international tourists" compared to other regional countries because of poor marketing strategies, a parliamentary report has revealed. | 3/8/17

Synthetic fibers could be a wonderful thing. Their production requires far less water than cotton and they don’t require toxic pesticides to grow. But does that make them environmentally friendly? Sadly not.

The expansion of fast fashion wouldn’t be possible without polyester. Relatively cheap and easily available, polyester is now used in about 60% of our clothes. But, if we take into account the fossil fuels used in its production, CO2 emissions for polyester clothing are nearly three times higher than for cotton! Our reliance on polyester is one of the reasons why the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world; both in terms of its emissions-heavy production and the non-biodegradable waste it leaves behind.

Fast Fashion infographic (click to enlarge) © Greenpeace

One piece of clothing can release 700,000 fibers in a single wash

Once our clothes reach a washing machine, the synthetic fabrics release tiny strands: so-called microfibers. These are essentially microscopic pieces of plastic, just like the microbeads you find in cosmetics.

Every time you run your washing machine, hundreds of thousands of microfibers are flushed down the drain. Many reach beaches and oceans where they can remain for hundreds of years.

Swallowed by fish and other sealife, microplastic travels up the food chain, where they end up on our plates.

30% of ocean plastic pollution could come from microplastics

According to a new IUCN report, microplastics could be causing even more of a problem than we thought. Between 15% to 31% of marine plastic pollution could be from tiny particles released by household and industrial products, rather than larger plastic items that degrade once they reach the sea.

The IUCN calculates that 35% of this microplastic pollution comes from washing synthetic textiles. Europe and Central Asia alone dump the equivalent of 54 plastic bags worth of microplastics per person per week into the oceans.

Microplastics from water samples taken by Greenpeace vessel the Beluga II, 18 Aug, 2016.

So what can we do?

It’s unrealistic to think that we can get rid of synthetic fibers altogether. Their use is too widespread and the sheer volume of clothing that we produce simply can’t be manufactured using only cotton and other natural fibers. And while the manufacturing industry is developing solutions; like more efficient filters for washing machines, they don’t yet tackle the problem.

We need to radically rethink the way we manufacture and use what we wear. Clothes should be produced without polluting the environment. They should be designed with durability in mind, so that they can be recycled only after many years of use. As consumers we have a big part to play in preventing microfibers from polluting the oceans, simply by buying less. If we reduce consumption, we reduce waste. It starts with being more conscious of the issue, and the rest should be simple.

Greenpeace’s Used Clothes Pop-Up Store in Hong Kong, 16 Jun, 2016.

Less is more

Rethinking our buying patterns is possible. We already shop too much and wear our clothes too little. A 2015 survey by Greenpeace Germany revealed that about 40% of our clothes are rarely or never worn [in German]. We can change that. We can buy secondhand or vintage, make use of clothing exchanges online and within local communities, or up-cycle our existing clothes. Clothing doesn’t have to be brand-new to be fashionable.

Visit Story of Stuff to find out more about microfibers and what you can do to help, and please share the video and spread the word!

Dr. Kirsten Brodde is the Detox my Fashion Global Project Lead at Greenpeace Germany.


For additional information, check out our microfibers explainer video:



[Vanguard] When it comes to medical tourism, Nigerians rate amongst the most enthusiastic in the world. Tens of thousands troop to foreign hospitals every year, expending in excess of $1,000,000,000. At least 50 per cent of these patients travelling abroad are headed for destinations in Europe, Asia, America and other parts of the world. | 2/25/17
[Independent (Kampala)] Uganda hosts the 3rd Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo (POATE) that will attract international hosted buyers from Europe, the Americas , Africa, Australia and Asia. | 2/17/17

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Caribbean tourism officials say the region received a record number of visitors last year as arrivals topped 29 million. But they say they expect a slight drop this year because of the uncertainty surrounding actions that U.S. President Donald Trump might take.

The majority of last year's visitors came from the U.S., although the region also saw an 11 percent growth in visitors from Europe and the United Kingdom.

Earlier this week, Budweiser unveiled a moving — if exaggerated — pro-immigration ad detailing its founder’s journey to America. The ad was months in the making, but landed during a week Donald Trump’s travel ban took center stage, highlighting its very different message. Naturally, that provoked a backlash complete with hashtag: #BoycottBudweiser.

The ad follows Anheuser-Busch co-founder Adolphus Busch as he travels to the United States, faces discrimination on account of his nationality and eventually — in dogged pursuit of the American Dream — lands in St. Louis and begins to brew beer.

While a boycott against a staple inexpensive beer over a commercial may fizzle out sooner than some other protests, that certainly didn’t stop people from having some fun with the reaction on social media.

How'd your families get here?
Trumpsters: "Immigration"
Hear about Budweiser's immigrant-themed ad?
Trumpsters: "Yeah, #BoycottBudweiser!"

— Craig Rozniecki (@CraigRozniecki) February 5, 2017

Apparently with enough pro-immigrant brand ads, we can reduce the alt-right to living off squirrel meat & pond water #BoycottBudweiser

— DanG (@WriterDanG) February 5, 2017

Trumpsters: "Liberals are such bigly snowflakes! By the way, let's #BoycottBudweiser, Starbucks, 'Hamilton,' Pepsi, Oreos, Netflix & facts!"

— Craig Rozniecki (@CraigRozniecki) February 5, 2017




HAHAHAHAHAHA #BoycottBudweiser

— Tony Posnanski (@tonyposnanski) February 5, 2017

When you get pissed at Budweiser for reminding you we were ALL once immigrants, you really need to stop reading Breitbart. #BoycottBudweiser

— libby (@libbynyc) February 5, 2017

Asking deplorables to #BoycottBudweiser is like telling Trump to boycott Twitter.

— Michael Blackman (@ParaComedian09) February 5, 2017

Here's the state by state reaction to the Budweiser immigrant ad. Pretty much as expected.

— Dave Lozo (@davelozo) February 5, 2017

i know emotions are running high but just a quick reminder that Budweiser tastes godawful

— ?_? (@MikeIsaac) February 5, 2017

Bunch of European immigrants boycotting Budweiser for an ad about European immigrants. The jig is up

— Vann R. Newkirk II (@fivefifths) February 4, 2017

Budweiser denied it was purposely making a political statement with its high-profile ad slot, although Trump has made immigration a central campaign issue for more than a year.

“There’s really no correlation with anything else that’s happening in the country,” Budweiser vice president Ricardo Marques told Adweek. “We believe this is a universal story that is very relevant today because probably more than any other period in history today the world pulls you in different directions, and it’s never been harder to stick to your guns.”

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LJUBLJANA, Slovenia — The tiny European nation of Slovenia is undergoing a tourism boom partly because it is the native country of U.S. first lady Melania Trump.

The national Statistics Bureau said Tuesday that the number of overnight stays in Slovenia by American tourists has jumped by 10 percent in 2016 when compared to 2015.

Nearly 4 million foreign tourists visited the country of 2 million in 2016, up by about 10 percent.

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia — The tiny European nation of Slovenia is undergoing a tourism boom partly because it is the native country of U.S. first lady Melania Trump.

The national Statistics Bureau said Tuesday that the number of overnight stays in Slovenia by American tourists has jumped by 10 percent in 2016 when compared to 2015.

Nearly 4 million foreign tourists visited the country of 2 million in 2016, up by about 10 percent.

Americans curious to see First Lady Melania Trump’s native land are helping spur a tourism boom in Slovenia, officials said Tuesday. There’s been a 10-percent bump in U.S. travelers booking overnight stays in the Central European nation in 2016 compared to the previous year, according to its Statistics Bureau. And the mountainous country — known... | 1/31/17

By Nigel Stephenson LONDON (Reuters) - Shares fell in Europe and Asia on Monday and the dollar dipped against the yen after immigration curbs introduced by Donald Trump added an extra layer of uncertainty to the economic impact of the new U.S. president's policies. French 10-year yields hit a 16-month high in early trade after an opinion poll showed conservative presidential election candidate Francois Fillon, the favorite to win the vote, losing ground. Trump suspended travel to the United States from Syria, Iraq, Iran and four other countries on national security grounds. | 1/30/17

Spain's economy grew 3.2 percent last year, official figures showed Monday, as the country continues to power ahead following a damaging crisis marked by sky-high unemployment and rising inequalities. The GDP growth figure, the same as that of 2015, is one of the best among European countries. Spain's growth was boosted by low petrol prices, high domestic demand as unemployment drops, exports and a booming tourism sector that beat all records in 2016. | 1/30/17
Officials in Spain say the number of tourists visiting the country has soared by 10 percent in 2016, setting a record figure for the fourth consecutive year as economic concerns and terrorism fears continued to lure visitors away from rival Mediterranean destinations. Energy and Tourism Minister Alvaro Nadal said Thursday that 75.3 million tourists arrived in Spain last year.   Spain, Europe's most popular destination after France, hosted 68.1 million tourists in... | 1/12/17 | hosting | | |