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Staff reported "a culture of criticism and ridicule" in the body which upholds teaching standards. | 9/11/19

There are almost too many original ideas in “A Faithful Man,” the second feature directed by French star Louis Garrel.

Many plot twists and turns are packed into the rather rushed 75-minute running time here, and they are not always “elegant,” to borrow a preferred term from the film, but they are certainly diverting. The screenplay was co-written by Garrel and the great screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière, and the tone is all over the place, but playfully so.

“A Faithful Man” begins with a shot of the Eiffel Tower and some tasteful piano music on the soundtrack, and this would seem to threaten some serious Gallic treatment of l’amour. Garrel’s character Abel tells us in narration that he has been living with Marianne (Laetitia Casta) for three years. As he is leaving one morning for work, Marianne very matter-of-factly tells him that she is pregnant with a baby by a mutual friend named Paul, and Abel takes this news with near-comic equanimity. There is even an old-fashioned Noel Coward air of “we’re all adults and we’re sophisticated” about their viewpoint.

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Any film with Louis Garrel in it is at least partially about his hair, which is close-cropped in this first scene but back to its full iconic mess of curls in a scene set around eight years later, at Paul’s funeral. The dry comic undertone of the material is maintained when Abel goes out to eat with Marianne and the waitress keeps shaking her head to let him know not to order certain dishes, but this romantic drama with whiffs of romantic comedy shifts towards something darker when Joseph (Joseph Engel), Marianne’s young son, tells Abel that he thinks Paul was poisoned by Marianne. Engel has a very mature face and a clear gaze, and so it isn’t too easy to shake off Joseph’s suspicions of murder, either for Abel or for the audience.

The camera style chosen by Garrel and cinematographer Irina Lubtchansky (“Ismael’s Ghosts”) for the first scenes is conventional, even classical, with a lot of measured shot-reverse-shot conversations. But when Paul’s younger sister Eve (Lily-Rose Depp) begins to narrate and tell us about her obsession with Abel, the camerawork gets far less steady and becomes handheld, which gets across the difference in point-of-view between Abel and Marianne and the far less stable Eve, who extols Abel’s hair, of course, and his voice, and takes photos of herself in the passenger seat of his car to pretend like she’s his girlfriend.

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Eve is basically a stalker of Abel through most of “A Faithful Man,” and both she and Marianne are far more active characters than Abel is. There has always been a streak of passivity about Garrel as a performer when he has worked in movies for directors like Bernardo Bertolucci, Christophe Honoré (for whom he has been a muse), and his own father Philippe Garrel. He has become a standard-bearer for his generation in French cinema, a more amiable Jean-Pierre Léaud for the 21st century, and while he could seem callow when he was just starting out, time has begun to deepen his emotional resources on screen so that he is becoming more than just the surface he offered in his early work.

Abel is a pawn in “A Faithful Man” being moved around by Eve and by Marianne, who admits that she doesn’t actually know who fathered her child. (She flipped a coin to decide which lover to pick to be Joseph’s father.) Eve declares “war” on Marianne, but Marianne deftly sidesteps this and tells Abel to sleep with Eve and see how it goes, and he semi-reluctantly does so. Eve admits that she had better orgasms with other guys while thinking of Abel than she actually has with Abel, and this is the kind of psychological insight that can be found in Carrière’s best screenplays.

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All the while, Joseph is recording practically everything said in Marianne’s apartment, and he even places a phone under her bed to monitor his mother’s sex life. In description, “A Faithful Man” sounds like quite a rich brew, but it is actually more of an exercise than anything else, a chance to play a kind of cinematic shell game with four main characters who are never quite what they seem.

For the last scene, which is fairly dramatic in theory, Marianne is wearing a grey coat with light pink accents that is so striking that it rules the frames with its beauty, and this is the kind of lightly enjoyable film that allows such incidental pleasures to dominate if they care to.

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HBO’s untitled Naomi Watts-led “Game of Thrones” prequel pilot may not have Targaryens and dragons — but it does have Starks, direwolves and, of course, White Walkers.

“The Starks will definitely be there,” George R.R. Martin, co-creator and executive producer on the project alongside showrunner Jane Goldman, told Entertainment Weekly in an interview published Tuesday.

“Obviously the White Walkers are here — or as they’re called in my books, The Others — and that will be an aspect of it,” the “A Song of Ice and Fire” author said, adding: “There are things like direwolves and mammoths.”

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The appearance of the Starks, descendants of the First Men, shouldn’t be a shock to fans who remember the prequel — which is reportedly currently filming in North Ireland — takes place roughly 5,000 years before the events of HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”

And Martin says a lot of things are different back then, including the fact that the Lannisters won’t be around, because they don’t occupy Casterly Rock yet — and there are way more kingdoms in Westeros.

“We talk about the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros; there were Seven Kingdoms at the time of Aegon’s Conquest,” Martin told EW. “But if you go back further then there are nine kingdoms, and 12 kingdoms, and eventually you get back to where there are a hundred kingdoms — petty kingdoms — and that’s the era we’re talking about here.”

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Though the prequel — which Martin calls an “ensemble” series — is still untitled, that hasn’t stopped the author from repeatedly calling it “The Long Night,” which we now know to be the title of a Season 8 episode of “Game of Thrones.” And that might complicate things a bit.

While he still can’t confirm the title, he told EW: “I heard a suggestion that it could be called ‘The Longest Night,’ which is a variant I wouldn’t mind. That would be pretty good.”

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TheWrap welcomed top entertainment industry executives and leaders in film to celebrate its 10th anniversary at the Cannes Film Festival on Sunday after a moving discussion among women activists and filmmakers about their work.

The panel discussion on the Pinewood yacht beside the Palais de Festival featured Somali activist Ifrah Ahmed, the subject of the festival film “A Girl From Mogadishu”;  “Give Me Liberty” writer and producer Alice Austen, whose film featured in the Directors Fortnight section of the festival; and Yolonda Brinkley, founder of Diversity in Cannes, a group that advocates for inclusivity at the festival.

Ahmed, a Somali-Irish activist, riveted the audience in explaining her work in fighting female genital mutilation (FGM), getting legislation passed to ban the practice in Ireland and working closely with the Somali government to change policy there. Ahmed, who is depicted in “A Girl From Mogadishu” by Aja Naomi King, talked about how her decision to speak out against the cutting of young girls left her ostracized in the Somali immigrant community and led her to flee Dublin — until she decided she would speak out anyway.

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“When I meet with different people in [the] Western world, they say ‘Oh, it’s their culture,'” Ahmed said. “Opening the conversation has opened their eyes, and now people say it’s a cruel practice and should be stopped.”

She added: “Then I decided to go back to Somalia and start the campaign where I was born and raised… Somalia has been in war for like 30 years, and we have al-Shabaab linked with al-Qaeda and ISIS… I lost many people who worked on my campaign — car-bombed, killed. It was very (full of) danger, but I felt if I could save one girl’s life, I’m doing something good and making a difference. That makes me keep going.”

Austen, a former human-rights lawyer turned playwright and screenwriter, described how she became a producer on her Cannes film. The initial deal with an art-house distributor fell through, and she decided to step up and produce the film herself. “Give Me Liberty,” which will be released by Music Box in the fall, is a madcap look at a Russian immigrant family in Milwaukee intersecting with the locals, including an African-American family, and a love story that ensues.

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Brinkley talked about the need for greater inclusivity in Cannes despite the international nature of the festival. The former brand marketer took on her mission a decade ago, and solicits short films from underrepresented communities, choosing two winners in a Diversity Day program.

Among those in attendance were filmmaker Pamela Guest; Content Partners CEO Steve Kram; producer Bronwyn Cornelius; Jeffrey Zaks, Head of Media & Entertainment Banking at Opus Bank; SCAD festival executive director Christina Routhier; Aviron CEO David Dinerstein; “A Girl From Mogadishu” director Mary McGuckian; First Look Media CEO Michael Bloom; Creative Coalition CEO Robin Bronk; producer Cassian Elwes; student Academy Award winner Kelley Kali; Wrap Awards Editor Steve Pond and many others.

The event was sponsored by Pinewood Studios and Piper-Heidsieck champagne.

TheWrap celebrated its 10 years of existence with a collectors edition magazine. The edition features an exclusive interview with Antonio Banderas and the largest portfolio of Cannes directors ever compiled, brought to you by TheWrap’s award-winning creative team.

The Wrap News Inc. is the leading digital-first news organization covering the business of entertainment and media via digital, print and live events. won best website for a news organization at the 2018 Los Angeles Press Club Journalism Awards. April 2019 saw record traffic highs, reaching 17 million monthly users on the site, and with a reach of 50 million users across all its channels and partners.

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“Game of Thrones” showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will receive the Founders Award at this year’s International Emmy Awards in November.

The Founders Award is given annually to those whose “creative accomplishments have contributed in some way to the quality of global television production.” The HBO fantasy epic has almost exclusively filmed aboard in locations Northern Ireland (mostly in Belfast), Croatia, Iceland and Morocco. The series airs in over 207 countries.

“The International Academy does us all a great honor. From cast to crew to locations, the ‘Game of Thrones’ effort was truly international, and this award rightly belongs to all the people who worked so hard for so many years to bring the show to life,” Benioff and Weiss said in a statement Monday.

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“David and D.B. are absolute game changers, visionary storytellers who have created, with their first foray into television, a record breaking global cultural phenomenon with an international following like no other,” Bruce L. Paisner, president & CEO, International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, added. “We look forward to honoring their extraordinary talent and the ‘Game of Thrones’ legacy, with our Founders Award.”

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The International Emmy Awards will be held Monday, Nov. 25, in New York City.

“Game of Thrones” is heading into its eighth and final season, which will premiere April 14. The series finale is slated for May 19.

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There’s another special lady in Prince Harry‘s life besides Meghan Markle, and the two finally met while in Australia!

Stepping out for their first public meet and greet since announcing they are expectant parents, Meghan and Harry interacted with hundreds of members of the public who waited for them outside of the Sydney Opera House on Tuesday.

As Harry made his way down the line, he spotted a familiar face in the crowd: 98-year-old war widow Daphne Dunne. She has previously met the prince twice — first in 2015, when she memorably planted a kiss on his cheek, and again in 2017.

After greeting her with a big hug, Harry went out of his way to introduce Dunne — who wore several of her late husband’s military medals — to Meghan. As they chatted Dunne caressed Harry’s face and held Meghan’s hand.

“Congratulations, I think that’s marvelous,” Dunne told Meghan of the couple’s baby news, as reported by “It’s just what Harry needs.”

“I’ve seen your shoes, they’re very cool,” Harry responded to Dunne. “Have you dyed your hair a shade of pink?”

“It’s fantastic,” Meghan added. “I’m so happy to finally meet you. I’ve heard so much about you. All good things.”

“I think it’s wonderful, the two of you,” Daphne said before giving the couple some cards and flowers.

“Enjoy the rest of the day,” Meghan said. “Hopefully next time we see you, we’ll have a little one with us!”

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Prior to the sweet moment with Dunne, the royal couple had been inside the stunning performing arts center in Sydney to watch dance rehearsal.

During the performance, Meghan lovingly placed a hand on her husband’s leg as the pair watched on intently.

When they emerged from the Opera House, Meghan and Harry walked out hand-in-hand, looking over the large crowd who showed a great deal of excitement for their much-anticipated arrival.

The couple greeted fans with glowing smiles, handshakes, and waves as they walked along the cheering onlookers.

Meghan stopped at several points to engage with some younger fans — one of whom gave the couple two red roses. Others gifted the Duchess bouquets of flowers and a mini stuffed koala.

During the outing, Harry also made sure to spend extra time in an area that was designated for people with special needs, stopping to take a photo with a young man with Down syndrome.

At the final stop of their walkabout, the pair stopped to spend a moment with several little girls — one who said Meghan was her “role model” —  as Harry squatted down to talk to the young fans.

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While inside the Opera House, Meghan and Harry watched a rehearsal of Spirit 2018 by the Bangarra Dance Theatre, an internationally acclaimed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dance company.

In addition to the stuffed kangaroo, fleece Ugg booties, and Akubra hats they received earlier in the day, the couple was also gifted a woven basket from the company.

Meghan and Harry kicked off their jam-packed tour Down Under in Sydney, with a welcome reception from Governor General Peter Cosgrove and his wife, Lady Lynne Cosgrove. They then headed to the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, where they met with conservation scientists who are working on efforts to reduce illegal wildlife trafficking.

While there, the royal couple also spent time with two koalas and their own babies (otherwise known as joeys) in the institution’s breeding program, as well as a Lynx who the zookeepers joked was drooling because he was “excited to see them.”

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Their 16-day tour will also feature stops in Fiji, Tonga, and New Zealand.

Meghan has become a pro at royal walkabouts ever since her engagement and marriage to Harry. The former Suits actress is known for being warm and friendly while greeting fans—even signing autographs for them in her pre-royal days.

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“She is so welcoming. She just seemed so easy with the crowd,” said a fan who was at their walkabout outside Cardiff Castle in Wales in January.

Harry and Meghan always make a point to try and shake hands with as many people as they can, as well as interact with their well-wishers. During the couple’s two-day royal visit to Dublin, Ireland, they chatted with the crowd.

“I’m going to try to shake as many hands at once!” Harry declared at the time.

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Meghan, who is due next spring, has had her 12-week pregnancy ultrasound and is “feeling well,” a royal source tells PEOPLE.

Royal baby name predictions have already flooded in, with names such as Victoria, Alice and Elizabeth being the most popular girl names, and Alexander, Albert and Arthur for a boy.

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The Seven Kingdoms are about to be open for business.

HBO is celebrating the upcoming end of “Game of Thrones” by turning some of its Northern Ireland filming locations into tourist attractions, allowing fans to visit the iconic sets for the first time ever.

Standing sets for locations like Winterfell, Castle Black, and Kings Landing are under consideration for inclusion in the “Game of Thrones Legacy” project, along with a tour of Linen Mill Studios, which will showcase a wide array of subject matter from the series spanning all seasons and settings. The attractions are tentatively set for a 2019 open date. (Yes, we know “GoT”s eighth and final season is slated to premiere in the first half of 2019 — gonna be a busy year for Westeros.)

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Here’s the official description for the project:

Building on the success of past “Game of Thrones” live branded experiences, including the Touring Exhibition and Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience, HBO will open up the archives and share them with the series’ loyal fans. In true Game of Thrones fashion, the Game of Thrones Legacy attractions will be on a scale and scope bigger than anything the public has ever seen, offering the first opportunity for the public to set foot inside some of the most iconic locations from the series and behind the camera lens to see how the world’s biggest TV show was made. Each site will feature not only the breathtaking sets, but will also exhibit displays of costumes, props, weapons, set decorations, art files, models, and other production materials. The visitor experience will be enhanced by state-of-the-art digital content and interactive materials which will showcase some of the digital wizardry the series is known for.

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“HBO is thrilled to celebrate the work of the Game of Thrones creative team and crew by preserving these locations and inviting fans to visit Northern Ireland and explore Westeros in person,” said Jeff Peters, vice president, licensing and retail, HBO. “We look forward to opening the gates and sharing the excitement of stepping inside these amazing sets with Game of Thrones fans from around the world. The opportunity to celebrate Northern Ireland’s pivotal role in the life and legacy of the show and share its culture, beauty and warmth is also a huge inspiration behind these Legacy projects.”

“We couldn’t be more excited about the Game of Thrones Legacy project coming to Northern Ireland. While fans have seen the stunning landscapes, coastlines and mountains in the series, we are thrilled they will now have the opportunity to fully experience the charm of Northern Ireland and immerse themselves in to the world of Westeros,” said John McGrillen, chief executive of Tourism NI. “The Game of Thrones Legacy project will be a game changer for Northern Ireland on the global tourism level. We very much welcome this exciting announcement by HBO and look forward to welcoming many more visitors to our beautiful country as a result.”

See some of the set photos provided by HBO below.

“Game of Thrones” eighth and final season will premiere in the first half of 2019 on HBO.

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Courtesy of HBO

Courtesy of HBO

Courtesy of HBO

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