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Italy’s populist government is looking for a route out of a fight with the European Union over its budget, as the financial fallout from the clash pushes the economy to the brink of recession. | 12/5/18
Italy’s populist government is looking for a route out of a fight with the European Union over its budget, as the financial fallout from the clash pushes the economy to the brink of recession. | 12/5/18
Jobs markets in some of the eurozone’s largest members are taking different paths as the currency area’s economy slows, with Italy’s unemployment rate surging while Germany’s fell to a post-unification low. | 12/1/18
Company loans are becoming more costly after the government’s generous spending prompted investors to demand higher risk premiums on Italian bonds, raising banks’ borrowing costs. | 11/21/18
Company loans are becoming more costly after the government’s generous spending prompted investors to demand higher risk premiums on Italian bonds, raising banks’ borrowing costs. | 11/21/18
The Continent faces a confluence of economic and political crises after Germany’s growth disappointed and Italy defied calls to modify a populist budget plan. | 11/14/18
How best to invigorate the country’s economy has reanimated a wrenching debate in Europe about whether it is better to spend or cut in the face of stagnation. | 11/13/18
Italy’s political tensions with the European Union and the accompanying financial jitters are beginning to take a toll on the Italian economy, the latest data suggest. | 11/1/18
The short-term political interests of both sides are in a collision with their long-term political and economic interests — not to mention the global economy’s. | 11/1/18
Italy’s political tensions with the European Union and the accompanying financial jitters are beginning to take a toll on the Italian economy, the latest data suggest. | 10/31/18

With HBO throwing in the towel on boxing, one of its biggest fighters is heading to online streaming.

Canelo Alvarez has signed a five-year, 11-fight deal with DAZN, the sports streaming service led by former ESPN president John Skipper. The company claims Alvarez’s deal is the richest sports contract for any athlete in history.

ESPN reported it’s for $365 million, which would surpass the 13-year/$325 million contract that baseball star Giancarlo Stanton signed with the Miami Marlins in 2014 (he’s since been traded to the New York Yankees). A representative for DAZN did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for clarification on the actual dollar amount of the contract.

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The deal begins with the Dec. 15 bout at Madison Square Garden against Rocky Fielding for his WBA Super Middleweight World Title.

“We are thrilled to be exclusive partners with Golden Boy Promotions and Oscar De La Hoya,” said Skipper, DAZN Group Executive Chairman. “By bringing Canelo’s fights to DAZN, we will turn his pay-per-view success into a growth engine for subscribers – a truly transformational moment for our business and the entire industry.”

Skipper, who resigned from ESPN after 27 years last December, joined DAZN’s parent company Perform Group as executive chairman in May. DAZN was launched just two years ago, and made its U.S. debut earlier this year.

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As part of the deal, Golden Boy Promotions — Alvarez’s management company led by Oscar de la Hoya — will put on up to 10 fights each year on DAZN beginning in 2019. The DAZN-Golden Boy deal includes a large production element, which places Oscar De La Hoya as executive producer of the live fight nights.

Alvarez and Golden Boy were one of HBO’s biggest boxing draws. In 2014, HBO pried Alvarez and Golden Boy away from rival Showtime in a huge exclusive deal. But last month, HBO said it would no longer feature live boxing matches beginning next year, which had a programming staple for 45 years.

The deal between Alvarez and DAZN in landmark in another way: It will take one of boxing’s biggest draws off Pay-Per-View, where the sport makes the most of its money. The fights will be available in all DAZN markets, including the United States, Canada, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Japan. The service is available for $9.99 per month.

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United Talent Agency (UTA) has set a joint venture with Valence Media and its independent studio division, Media Rights Capital (MRC), to develop, produce and finance premium television series and partner with the creative community’s top artists.

The new venture will be named Civic Center Media, of which UTA will have an undisclosed financial stake. The financial details of the transaction were also not disclosed. A search is currently underway for an executive to lead the new venture.

Valence Media and MRC’s film and TV roster includes “House of Cards,” “Ozark,” “Counterpart,” “Ted,” and “Baby Driver.”

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As part of the new venture, UTA will offer the agency’s clients access to significant resources for development and production. Through more streamlined overhead and processes, Civic Center Media will be able to offer more attractive terms — both financially and creatively — to partners who bring their content projects to the studio. In particular, clients will benefit on the back end, where they stand to make the most money if their content is well-received by audiences.

“We’ve enjoyed a terrific relationship with UTA for more than 15 years,” said Modi Wiczyk and Asif Satchu, co-CEOs of Valence Media. “UTA sees the opportunities both within and beyond the traditional studio system and prioritizes new business models that protect and advance artists. Even more, they have always had deep passion and an uncanny eye for identifying gifted talent and groundbreaking creators. We’re excited to build this venture with them.”

The arrangement is non-exclusive for both UTA and MRC, and Civic Center Media will seek to develop projects with artists represented by all talent agencies. Additionally, UTA will continue to work with all studios and MRC will continue to develop and acquire projects from all agencies.

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Upcoming MRC series and films include “The Great,” “Mortal Engines,” “Knives Out.”

“As we looked at the landscape of potential partners and content models, our priority was to work with a studio that puts artists and creators first,” said UTA CEO Jeremy Zimmer. “MRC shares our ‘artist first’ mentality and our belief that the time has come for a new business model that offers more creative control and ownership opportunities to artists. They have one of the best track records in our industry and will bring superb infrastructure and resources to the projects we create. As new distribution platforms fundamentally change the economics of our business and tilt the balance of power towards creators, there is no better partner for us and our clients.”

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The former world boxing champion was hit by a car while walking in Italy. The 54-year-old southpaw was among the best in the middleweight business in the 1980s and 90s, and later became a coach. | 10/2/18

Kanye West seemingly ended his feud with JAY-Z and his wife Beyoncé on Thursday when he posted a photo of the couple captioned, “famleeeeee.”

In the shot, Queen Bey, 37, and JAY-Z, 48, can be seen cuddling in a car. Fans were quick to assume the reason for the shoutout was because Beyoncé happened to be wearing a pair of Yeezy Season 6 PVC Wedges that cost around $850.

Turns out, she wasn’t. Instead, the “Formation” singer opted for a pair Yeezy-inspired heels by the brand Public Desire which sell for just $49.99.

The brand confirmed the shoes were not Yeezys by sharing the same photo Kanye, 41, posted captioned, “Cop Queen Bey’s EXACT style in PD,” adding the shoes are called “MALIBOO.”

It’s not clear if Kanye mistook Beyoncé’s shoes for Yeezys but the shoes are very similar sans for a slightly different heel and a very different price tag.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by ye (@kanyewest) on Sep 20, 2018 at 11:50am PDT


Like the shoes, Kanye and the couple’s relationship now is not a perfect match for what it used to be.

Kanye and JAY-Z’s beef began in 2014 when JAY-Z and Beyoncé decided not to attend Kanye’s wedding to Kim Kardashian West in Florence, Italy.

In May, the “Lift Yourself” rapper opened up about his strained relationship with JAY-Z during a nearly two-hour interview with Charlamagne Tha God on iHeartRadio’s The Breakfast Club.

“I was hurt about them not coming to the wedding. I understand they were going through some things, but if it’s family, you’re not going to miss a wedding,” Kanye said referring to allegations that JAY-Z had been unfaithful to Beyoncé.

“I’m not using this interview to put out any negative things, but I gotta state my truth,” Kanye continued. “You start coming up with all type of crazy things in your head, like ‘Why?'”

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However, Kanye revealed he’s “past it, but at the time I was hurt.” He also said, “I don’t think I ever asked him that question, directly.”

The interview came a year after JAY-Z released “Kill JAY-Z” on his latest album 4:44, in which he included a few jabs to West.

“I know people backstab you, I feel bad too/ But this ‘f— everybody’ attitude ain’t natural/But you ain’t the same, this ain’t KumbaYe/ But you got hurt because you did cool by ‘Ye/ You gave him 20 million without blinkin’/He gave you 20 minutes on stage, f— was he thinkin’?/ ‘F— wrong with everybody?’ is what you saying’/ But if everybody’s crazy, you’re the one that’s insane,” JAY-Z rapped.

The two also battled over a money dispute involving JAY-Z’s streaming platform Tidal. Kanye also claimed that his daughter North and JAY-Z’s daughter Blue have never had a playdate during a concert in 2016.

JAY-Z addressed Kanye’s claim during an interview with Rap Radar hosts Elliot Wilson and Brian “B.Dot” Miller in August 2017.

“What really hurt me, you can’t bring my kid or my wife into,” JAY-Z said. “We’ve gotten past bigger issues, but you brought my family into it, now it’s a problem with me.”

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Nonetheless, JAY-Z explained to Dean Baquet during an interview with T, The New York Times Style Magazine in November 2017, that they’re going to be okay.

“ Kanye the other day, just to tell him, like, he’s my brother,” JAY-Z told the magazine. “I love Kanye. I do. It’s a complicated relationship with us… ‘Cause, you know— Kanye came into this business on my label. So I’ve always been like his big brother. And we’re both entertainers. It’s always been like a little underlying competition with your big brother.”

Kanye also spoke on mending their friendship with Charlamagne. “We’re texting each other,” he said. “It’s positive energy. I haven’t seen him, but I can feel him.” | 9/22/18
Within a distressed labor market, thousands of low-paid home workers create luxury garments without contracts or insurance. | 9/20/18
Though Italy’s box office for the first eight months of 2018 is down, Italian movies account for a quarter of grosses, up from 17% a year ago, a clear sign of local production vibrancy amid alarming theatrical erosion. Outside the country, Italian cinema is steadily gaining more international traction after the four Oscar nominations (and […] | 9/14/18
Italy’s fashion capital isn’t all business. Pleasure-seekers are finding a host of new diversions that don’t come with labels, from sumptuous museums to surprisingly affordable hotels. | 9/12/18

“Loro” is the definitive Paolo Sorrentino film to date. It’s brash, stylish, and silly. It oscillates back and forth between horny and human, profound and misguided. It’s a glorious mess. That it exists in the #MeToo era is a miracle. That it manages to evolve beyond a dick-swinging affair is even more miraculous.

In the vein of “The Great Beauty,” “Youth,” and “The Young Pope,” the film is sprawling and idiosyncratic. This time Sorrentino centers his story on Silvio Berlusconi, the infamous medial mogul and former Prime Minister of Italy. But this is not your standard cradle-to-grave biopic.

The film toggles back and forth between Silvio and Sergio, a youthful businessman determined to impress Silvio. Sergio works primarily as a glorified pimp, trafficking escorts to bribe politicians for permits and favors. When he’s not knee-deep in a line of cocaine or anonymous women, he has ambition. The kind of ambition that’s neither pure nor noble.

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Sergio has no interest in making the world a better place. He’s candid about his lust for fame and fortune by any means necessary. The actor, Riccardo Scamarcio plays Sergio like Tony Curtis in “Sweet Smell of Success.” A spine couldn’t be located if you conducted a CT scan on him. He’s unscrupulous and unrelenting, which makes him (initially) spellbinding.

Sorrentino works his magic to lure us in. The cutting in “Loro” is characteristically sublime. Quick, rhythmic, economical. It’s a hypnotizing contrast to the aesthetic presentation, which is ostentatious, bordering on gaudy. What’s undeniable about a Paulo Sorrentino movie is that you cannot be bored by a Paulo Sorrentino movie. He fills the frame with sex, drugs, and EDM. The camera glides through bacchanals, making each viewer a voyeur of sorts. The colors are lush; the production design is breathtaking. Italy has rarely looked so stunning and soulless. “Loro” satirizes affluence by bathing in it. It may be impossible to leave a Sorrentino jaunt not feeling a little bit mischievous.

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This is in large part due to Sorrentino’s depiction of Silvio, played by Toni Servillo of “The Great Beauty.” Berlusconi’s misgivings have been well-documented in both the papers and tabloids: The corruption, affairs, drugs. There are so many reported stories about Silvio that Wikipedia had to create a separate page for him called, “Controversies Surrounding Silvio Berlusconi.” He’s become a punchline for pundits and late-night hosts.

As a result, it’s impossible to avoid carrying baggage into this film, especially when “Loro” fixates on the baggage. Everything you’ve heard and more is jammed into “Loro.” Diversion aside, Berlusconi would appear to have three primary objectives: 1) to be the wealthiest man in Italy, 2) the prime minister of his homeland, and 3) loved by everyone he rules.

Sorrentino refuses to make this man sympathetic. He’s not a villain, either. In lesser hands, the character would fall into these two unrealistically tidy categories; “Loro” works best in these tender interludes, where Silvio’s malevolence is rendered meaningful. One of the highlights arrives at the tail-end. Silvio is the main attraction of another party. His wife is out of town, perhaps permanently. At the head of the table he regales guests, mostly young women, with his jokes. They laugh politely upon the delivery of a punchline. Eventually dinner drifts to dancing. Silvio watches from afar. Young people are gyrating to club music.

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Collectively they do a good job of feigning excitement. And then, eventually, Silvio’s voyeuristic gaze lands on Stella (Alice Pagani). She’s not dancing. In fact, she hasn’t left the dinner table. She sits alone, isolated, clearly confounded by the gathering. Eager to please everyone, Silvio asks her to dance. She gently declines and goes to the bathroom. The interaction could end here, and there’d be plenty to mull over. But this isn’t Sorrentino’s inclination. He’s a director who presents palpable dynamics and then proceeds to unpack them.

The film cuts to Silvio watching Stella asleep in a twin-sized bed. She awakes. His objectifying observation feels at once predatory and pathetic. He doesn’t wish to hurt her, and he won’t. He just wants her to like him. On the surface this is a moment between an aging politician and a college student who could give a damn about his desires. But there’s more to it and these people. “Loro” doesn’t all build up to this scene, it simply is built-in.

The film’s central idea seems to be about the painful process of aging. Silvio’s desire, ultimately, is to stay young and desirable. Ruby spots the desperation. She doesn’t pity him. She finds him repulsive. Hell, she finds herself partially repulsive for even attending such an event. Unlike in the two hours leading up to this scene, his virility is no longer charming or entertaining.

As the movie plays itself out, Silvio embodies a Trump-ian figure, a man who’s more interested in pageantry than politics. Silvio’s self-proclaimed business acumen, salesman-like approach to human interaction, and carnal cravings feel less like comedy and more like a bleak reality. Sorrentino doesn’t merely satirize his subject, though. There’s a critique of us, the complicit viewers and voters. Silvio isn’t wholly responsible for who he is and what he has done. He has received encouragement in the form of attention, admiration and TV subscriptions.

It does not matter that, by the end of the film, he longer fascinates or intrigues us. It does not matter that the bombast has bursted and the facade has eroded. Some may find the final half-hour of “Loro” to mercilessly drag. I believe anyone who feels that way is feeling precisely what Sorrentino intended. It does drag. It is uncomfortable. You will want to stop watching Silvio frolicking around. But once you’ve fed the beast it’s not so easy to put down. It’s grown stronger and more ravenous, emboldened by those who howl its name like an incantation. Which is to say: the channel can only be changed once we change.

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The Coen Brothers turned their anthology TV series into an anthology feature film, so it’s only natural that this forced-binge experience will be premiering on Netflix.

And while the Coens claim in the press notes for “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” that they were inspired by “those films made in Italy in the ’60s which set side-by-side the work of different directors on a common theme,” they were apparently so inspired that they made an anthology movie as wildly uneven as the ones they’re aping. (The 1968 “Spirits of the Dead” gave us Fellini’s sublime “Toby Dammit,” yes, but no one ever talks about Roger Vadim’s silly contribution “Metzengerstein.”)

None of the Coens’ tales of the Old West is an outright dud, but the movie never matches the eponymous opening sequence, starring Tim Blake Nelson as a white-hatted singing cowboy with a tune in his heart, a kind word for everyone he meets, and an exceedingly itchy trigger finger. It’s like the collaboration Gene Autry and Sam Peckinpah never made, and it captures the Coens at their best: self-reflexive, absurdist, witty and outrageous.

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The rest of the film struggles to match this opening bit’s delightful energy, but there are delights to be discovered along the way: James Franco’s would-be bank robber cheats death, only to have death cheat back; a traveling theatrical producer (Liam Neeson) reaches a crossroads with his unusual but talented orator (Harry Melling, “The Lost City of Z”); a grizzled prospector (Tom Waits, who can do “grizzled” with one hand tied behind his back) makes a discovery and must protect it; an unmarried pioneer woman (Zoe Kazan) tentatively explores romance with the wagonmaster (Bill Heck, “Pit Stop”) on her way to Oregon; a quintet of passengers (including Brendan Gleeson, Tyne Daly and Saul Rubinek) take a stagecoach to an uncertain destination.

The fact that these vignettes were originally conceived as discrete TV episodes comes through pretty clearly, as there don’t seem to be many unifying themes or ideas at play, except maybe for a running gag that randomly inserts a French person into almost every story for no apparent reason. Some of them make the case that the American West was settled almost entirely by rogues, thieves and murderers, while others contradict that notion.

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The change in perspective does allow the Coens to explore different facets of their own interests in Westerns as a genre; the wagon-train sequence calls to mind John Ford, while the James Franco tale (mainly a shaggy-dog story that builds to a nifty punchline) has more of the spiky humor of Sergio Leone. And they’ve perhaps never leaned into the grandeur of nature as they do with the prospector story, laden with big sky and tall trees and rushing rivers.

The Coens and casting director Ellen Chenoweth (“Suburbicon”) skillfully blend familiar faces with relatively new ones. Among the names to remember here are Melling (giving a great performance as a performer, and you’d never guess he used to play Dudley Dursley in the “Harry Potter” movies) and Heck, as well as Irish actor Jonjo O’Neill (“On Chesil Beach”), who plays Gleeson’s business partner; he’s got a skill for that specific brand of Coen acting — almost but not quite overdoing it, invisible pivots from comedy to menace — that suggest they’ll be using him again soon.

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Not that the marquee names aren’t terrific as well. Daly and Rubinek (and Chelcie Ross, as an eccentric old trapper) have a hilarious anti-chemistry, made all the more amusing by the close quarters of the stagecoach. And Kazan has perhaps never been better, playing a woman unafraid to venture deeper into the untamed West because she reckons it can’t be any worse than what she’s leaving behind.

“The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” will be, at best, a charming footnote in the Coens’ career, a project they enjoyed doing, and possibly even more enjoyed turning into a film so they can keep their résumé free of episodic television. As Netflix binges go, it’s a pretty good one, but be ready to love some episodes more than others.

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Jessica Alba and her daughter Honor, 10, are having a ball on their “#motherdaughtertrip” to Italy, with one avian exception.

“My nightmare,” the actress and Honest Company founder, 37, wrote on a photo showing the duo posing in front of the famous Duomo di Milano cathedral, while a rogue pigeon flaps into the frame.

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Alba posted the shot two more times in her Instagram Stories — once with a screaming emoji gif and again with the caption, “a real mofo pigeon tried to take us out.”

Other than their traumatizing run-in with the local wildlife, the pair have been enjoying taking in the tourist sites in a multi-city jaunt.

Hit the ground running #firenze #Italy #motherdaughtertrip

A post shared by Jessica Alba (@jessicaalba) on Aug 25, 2018 at 9:22am PDT


“Hit the ground running,” Alba captioned a photo of she and her daughter, sporting newly purple-tipped hair, posing in “#firenze” and exploring a picturesque garden.

Arrivederci #Firenze -next stop Milano! #motherdaughtertrip

A post shared by Jessica Alba (@jessicaalba) on Aug 27, 2018 at 2:19am PDT


They visited Michelangelo’s statue of David, ate gelato, and took in the city skyline in Florence, including the Florence Cathedral’s landmark dome.

We had an awesome cooking lesson @mama.florence w @filippo.bartolotta & chef #Michele #motherdaughtertrip #firenze #Italy #cooking

A post shared by Jessica Alba (@jessicaalba) on Aug 26, 2018 at 6:32am PDT


In Milan, they had an “awesome cooking lesson” at MaMa Florence and dined at La Giostra. Alba’s review? “Super yum! Baby girl had Pappardelle w Wild Boar and I had Filet Mignon w White Truffle.”

They also stopped by Sforza Castle Pinacoteca, a castle turned art gallery, the Porta Sempione’s Arco della Pace, or the arch of peace, and stopped for a meal at Paper Moon restaurant.

The mom of three — she also shares daughter Haven, 7, and son Hayes, 7 months, with husband Cash Warren — poked fun at her oldest in a photo of her with a statue of Da Vinci, who she says is “one of her favorites.”

“She didn’t want to take her hat off,” she writes on the photo with an arrow indicating her daughter’s must-have headwear.

Honor is already following in her mom’s footsteps. During a panel moderated by Alba, the 10-year-old gave an impassioned speech discussing female empowerment and the gender wage gap in the U.S. stating, “Women should have the same opportunities as men.”

deuces -weez out! #motherdaughtertrip

A post shared by Jessica Alba (@jessicaalba) on Aug 24, 2018 at 1:48pm PDT


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At the same event, Alba talked to PEOPLE exclusively about balancing her business and motherhood, revealing that she took maternity leave after giving birth to Hayes on December 31, but “I didn’t take as long as I wanted to.”

“I slowed down for a second when I had Honor and Haven, but then I was right back in the hustle,” she told InStyle in their July issue. “I made a concerted effort with Hayes to appreciate the quieter moments. I had to slow down when I was pregnant, so now we have a new tradition called Family Fridays.”

“It’s our game night,” the star explains. “We get on teams and play Clue. Honor is really good. I love when she wins — she’s strategic.” | 8/28/18

Despite his massive success as a songwriter, Ed Sheeran has managed to keep his personal life away from the spotlight.

But in a new documentary, the 27-year-old “Shape of You” singer gives peeks into corners of his world that he usually keeps tightly under wraps — including his family, his relationship with fiancée Cherry Seaborn and his creative struggles — all through his cousin Murray Cummings’ camera lens.

“It kind of came by surprise,” Sheeran told PEOPLE exclusively on Monday about the film, available now on Apple Music. “Murray had all the footage. It wasn’t something that I planned but I’m excited to get it out and see what people think — well, see what the fans think. I don’t really care what anyone else thinks!”

It’s clear from the film the star is a perfectionist when it comes to his songwriting, and his standards may be some of the highest in the business. At one point, he’s heard telling his team he doesn’t want to be the “male Adele,” but rather “be Adele.”

“A lot of people call out the competitive side of me, but if you’re a basketball player, you should be better than LeBron James,” he explains. “You can’t just be like ‘Oh, I’m happy in my lane.’ You have to aim for the top. I don’t think any artist will do what Adele’s done. I don’t think I could do what Adele’s done, but if you don’t aim there then you won’t get there.”

Despite breaking multiple records with his albums and selling out tickets to his world tours over the years, the Grammy winner doesn’t foresee himself ever losing his competitive streak.

“I make music for me, but when it comes to a career, what is the fun of not ?” he says. “People get very confused with me as competitive because they think I’m making the music for that and to get bigger, but it’s just work ethic.”

Currently in the midst of another sold-out tour for his album ÷, the singer — who took a year-long break in 2016 — has learned to take more time for himself and his loved ones.

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“It’s quite weird being a touring ‘celebrity’ because people assume you’re living the best f—ing life in the world, but you don’t really get to live any life because you work the whole time,” he says. “I got to the end of and I was like ‘F—, I’m 25 and haven’t really lived. I needed to have a year off and spend it with friends and family and Cherry and actually become a human being rather than a touring celebrity.”

Now, the star makes sure to fit in some play in between tour stops — like when he recently traveled to Napa Valley and dined at upscale restaurant The French Laundry.

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“ bumped into Sam Smith there randomly! We were sat on the same table and went out for a drink after that. It was really weird because it’s such a small restaurant, so to bump into someone that you know really well, it was good,” he says about his quick getaway with Seaborn, 26.

Seaborn — whom the star is fiercely protective of — provided footage from her travels to Australia, Italy and Fiji with Sheeran for the documentary and is seen supporting her future husband during the recording of his most recent album.

“I was against having her in the documentary just because I like to keep my personal life private, but I think it’s such a split second of it and it does just capture what she’s like,” he says about including his Duke-educated fiancée in the documentary. “It’s nice for people to see a little bit of that.” | 8/28/18
He has one of the busiest schedules in show business.
LabourStart headline - Source: Business Ghana

FX is heading back to “Fargo” for Season 4, and showrunner Noah Hawley is bringing Chris Rock with him to star when production commences next year.

In 1950, at the end of two great American migrations — that of Southern Europeans from countries like Italy, who came to the U.S. at the turn of the last century and settled in northern cities like New York, Chicago — and African Americans who left the south in great numbers to escape Jim Crow and moved to those same cities — you saw a collision of outsiders, all fighting for a piece of the American dream. In Kansas City, Missouri, two criminal syndicates have struck an uneasy peace, per FX’s description. One Italian, one African American. Together they control an alternate economy — that of exploitation, graft and drugs. This too is the history of America. To cement their peace, the heads of both families have traded their eldest sons.

Rock plays the head of one family, a man who — in order to prosper — has surrendered his oldest boy to his enemy, and who must, in turn, raise his son’s enemy as his own, the cable channel said. It’s an uneasy peace, but profitable. And then the head of the Kansas City mafia goes into the hospital for routine surgery and dies. And everything changes. It’s a story of immigration and assimilation and the things we do for money. And as always, a story of basically decent people who are probably in over their heads. You know, “Fargo.”

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Noah Hawley will showrun, write, executive produce and direct. Joel & Ethan Coen, Warren Littlefield and John Cameron are legacy executive producers. “Fargo” is produced by MGM Television and FX Productions, with MGM Television serving as the lead studio and international distributor.

“I’m a fan of ‘Fargo’ and I can’t wait to work with Noah,” Rock, who will return to FX after executive producing “Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell,” said in a statement.

Rock recently wrapped his international Total Blackout stand-up tour.

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Paolo Bassetti has joined production and distribution group Banijay and will oversee its extensive operations in Italy. The former Endemol Shine executive has taken the newly-created role of CEO, Italy, at Banijay Group. He will also take responsibilty for Banijay’s business in Spain. Bassetti will oversee the company’s Italian production banners Magnolia, Nonpanic, Aurora TV, […] | 7/25/18

  Why is Maria Sharapova’s boyfriend eating her butt? This is the question on everyone’s mind after seeing these new exclusive pap pics of the sexy tennis starlet sunning in a skimpy bikini in Positano, Italy. While Maria goes about minding her own business, her tech pioneer boyfriend Alexander Gilkes appears to be giving CPR to her butt […]

The post Why Is Maria Sharapova’s Boyfriend Eating Her Butt In New Bikini Pics? appeared first on Egotastic - Sexy Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News. | 7/23/18

Discovery and the PGA Tour have struck a massive $2 billion deal for tournament rights outside of the United States through 2030. That’s a lot of green — and we’re not just talking about the putting surfaces.

The pricey (and lengthy) alliance, which tees off next year, will result in about 2,000 hours of content annually and nearly 150 tournaments, including The Players Championship, the FedExCup Playoffs, and the Presidents Cup. It will grant Discovery the exclusive non-U.S. television and multiplatform rights to all PGA Tour golf events by 2024 — here is a timetable for implementation:

Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain
Poland, South Korea
Belgium, China, Germany, South Africa
Denmark, Finland, India, Norway, Sweden, UK

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About those multiplatform rights: Together, Discovery and the PGA Tour will develop a new PGA Tour-branded OTT video streaming service to serve 220 markets and territories.

“Today is a fantastic day for golf fans around the world as Discovery proudly partners with the PGA Tour to create something that has never been done before,” David Zaslav, president and CEO, Discovery, said. “The long-term partnership between the PGA Tour and Discovery will create the new global Home of Golf, including delivering over 2000 hours of live content year-round and this prestigious sport’s greatest moments, stories and athletes. Following our successful first Olympic Games in PyeongChang, Discovery will contribute its strong global distribution and promotional infrastructure, in-market relationships, global sports expertise with direct-to-consumer platforms and brands to create a valuable new long-term Home of Golf offering in every market outside the U.S.”

“This is an exciting next step for the PGA Tour, which presents a tremendous opportunity to accelerate and expand our media business outside the United States, better service our international broadcast partners, and drive fan growth with a deeply experienced strategic global partner,” added Jay Monahan, commissioner, PGA Tour. “This partnership aligns very well with the opening of PGA Tour offices in London, Tokyo and Beijing in recent years and will support our long-term objectives of growing the game of golf. It also will deliver more value to our sponsors as it presents a tremendous opportunity to engage new and diverse audiences around the world.”

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The partnership will be led by Discovery’s Alex Kaplan, who is president and general manager of the new Discovery and PGA Tour venture. His management team will include the PGA Tour’s Thierry Pascal as head of distribution.

Kaplan previously was an executive vice president at Eurosport Digital, where he helped grow the Eurosport D2C business to over 1 million subscribers. Prior to joining Discovery, Kaplan was a senior vice president of global media distribution for the NBA.

“I am incredibly excited to work with David Zaslav and JB Perrette to take international coverage of PGA Tour golf to the next level,” Kaplan said. “We can’t wait to get started and build a world-class global platform and long-term distribution strategy to turn the vision of this partnership into a reality. By joining forces with the outstanding PGA Tour team, led by Jay Monahan and Rick Anderson, we have a unique opportunity to build an amazing product that will serve the fans with the golf content they love on every screen.”

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The arrangement would put Europe’s fourth largest economy into the hands of parties deeply antagonistic to the European Union, its currency and illegal migrants. | 5/31/18
Financial markets have calmed amid signs that Italy may avoid imminent elections after President Sergio Mattarella gave two populist parties time to figure out whether they can agree on an alternative to a euroskeptic economy minister. | 5/31/18
One thing that has become clear over the last decade is how effects can spread unpredictably across countries in times of financial disruption. | 5/30/18
All eyes are on Italian President Sergio Mattarella after he vetoed the proposed euroskeptic economy minister of what would have been Western Europe's first populist government. | 5/28/18
Giuseppe Conte renounces his attempt to become PM after his economy pick is vetoed. | 5/27/18

ROME – Italy’s prime minister-designate’s efforts to put together a cabinet remained stymied on Saturday as his political backers pushed for a Eurosceptic economy minister who the president has so far... | 5/26/18
A likely government coalition, once considered a threat to the Italian economy and the eurozone itself, hasn’t stopped its stocks and bonds from outperforming. | 5/12/18
A likely government coalition, once considered a threat to the Italian economy and the eurozone itself, hasn’t stopped its stocks and bonds from outperforming. | 5/12/18
The leaders of Italy’s hard-right League party and antiestablishment 5 Star Movement appeared close to forming a new government, possibly clearing the way for a euroskeptic alliance to come to power in the eurozone’s third-largest economy. | 5/10/18
The leaders of Italy’s hard-right League party and antiestablishment 5 Star Movement appeared close to forming a new government, possibly clearing the way for a euroskeptic alliance to come to power in the eurozone’s third-largest economy. | 5/10/18

One of the better perks of having George Clooney as a son-in-law is use of his place in Italy. Just ask Amal’s dad.

Ramzi Alamuddin and a party of his friends and relatives stayed at the Clooney residence on Lake Como over the past weekend. The human rights attorney’s dad recently turned 80.

Photos posted on social media by members of the party — who may have numbered as many as 15, including Amal’s sister Tala — show the group gathered at the Villa Oleandra on Lake Como, April 28, staying through the holiday weekend. 

Clooney has been in Italy for several weeks working on pre-production for his Hulu Catch-22 series, which is scheduled to begin shooting in nearby Sardinia later this month. The actor’s birthday is this Sunday, and on Monday, he and Amal are slated to be back in New York City for the glamorous Met Gala on Monday, where Amal is co-hosting. 

While in Lake Como, Amal’s family enjoyed exploring the lake’s coastline and coves on chartered boat rides, provided by the lake’s Tassell fleet.

Other photos posted by the group show them alongside Ramzi, enjoying the Villa Oleandra and adjacent Villa Margarita gardens.

Clooney, 56, has owned the idyllic northern Italy vacation property for seventeen years, since discovering it on a motorcycle ride across Italy with friend and business partner Rande Gerber. He has since used it regularly for the Memorial Day weekend and enjoyed la dolce vita throughout the summer months. | 5/4/18
The new cannabis product has created a booming but unregulated economy in Italy. Is it a bubble waiting to be burst? | 4/21/18

Amazon Studios has restructured its TV division under the leadership of Jennifer Salke.

Albert Cheng, who had been serving as interim chief since Roy Price’s exit amid sexual misconduct allegations, has been named co-head of television. In addition, Cheng will retain his currently-held position of COO and will oversee day-to-day oversight of the business, creative and production units.

The studio is currently on the hunt for Cheng’s partner, a position expected to be filled in the coming months.

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“I’m delighted that an opportunity for Albert to be elevated within the Television Studios has been created. His business acumen, collaborative nature and clear goals toward continued success make him an invaluable team player as we move forward,” Salke said in a statement.

Additionally, Amazon has realigned its scripted series development team as follows:

Sharon Tal Yguado, who had been serving as interim head of comedy and drama since the departure of Joe Lewis, will oversee one-hour genre programming, including event series in the areas of science fiction, fantasy and supernatural.

Marc Resteghini will serve as head of drama, overseeing all non-genre one-hour programming. Gina Kwon and Ryan Andolina will be co-heads of comedy for both single and multi-camera formats.

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Nick Hall will serve as head of alternative, including YA, specialty series and supporting efforts to drive talent and new ventures to the service. Georgia Brown will be the point person for UK-originated series, which includes sourcing, developing and producing series originating overseas. She will also retain her responsibilities for EU Originals (for Germany, France, Italy and Spain).

Heather Schuster remains head of unscripted and Melissa Wolfe remains head of kids programming.

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Laura Ingraham’s auspiciously timed vacation in the midst of a firestorm over her tweet about school shooting survivor David Hogg follows a familiar pattern for Fox News personalities on the hot seat, according to multiple industry insiders.

As the number of sponsors who have pulled ads from “The Ingraham Angle” has swelled, media journalsit Yashar Ali told TheWrap that the network is responding according to a time-worn strategy: “Take a break, don’t poke the tiger, let things calm down.”

The official line is that Ingraham is off the air this week for some “pre-planned” Easter-season R&R, and that she will return to the air. But critics noted the corporate value in giving an off-air break to talent under such heavy fire.

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“Fox News uses this vacation tactic to buy time so they can evaluate the long-term prospects of the advertiser actions, as well as viewer sentiment,” former Fox News president Joe Peyronnin told TheWrap on Tuesday.

A Fox News spokesperson said the vacation suggestion “is entirely false” and added: “Joe Peyronnin never ran any part of Fox News Channel, nor was he its president – he failed in every attempt to get a version of Fox News off the ground in the 90’s, yet still embarrassingly claims to be an authority on the network.”

Ingraham’s vacation follows well-timed breaks for network luminaries as Sean Hannity, Jesse Watters and Bill O’Reilly after they riled up heavy opposition — and in several cases, faced down sponsor boycotts of their own.

“It’s very basic crisis communications: Remove the lighting rod from the situation,” Angelo Carusone, president of the liberal media watchdog group Media Matters for America, said. “At Fox, they’re almost essential because their prime time hosts can’t do a show without saying something inflammatory; it’s their business model.”

Hogg, the Parkland, Florida, high school senior, called for a boycott of Ingraham sponsors after she tweeted last Wednesday that he “whines” about his college rejections, urging his online followers to contact her 100-plus recent advertisers from a list published by Media Matters.

Also Read: Piers Morgan Rips 'Absurd Over-Reaction' to Laura Ingraham's David Hogg Tweet

So far at least 19 brands have pulled ads from “The Ingraham Angle” despite her tweeted apology to the high schooler-turned-activist.

Fox News’ current co-president Jack Abernethy issued a strong statement of support for Ingraham to the Los Angeles Times, promising her return to the air this Monday.

This is not the first time a Fox News star has stepped off air for a vacations that was announced as planned but conveniently fell when he was in the midst of controversy.

“Uh oh My ANNUAL Memorial Day long weekend starts NOW. Destroy Trump/Conservative media breathless coverage starts! Did Hannity do last show?,” host Sean Hannity joked last May after leaving for his annual Memorial Day vacation — two days early, in the midst of an advertiser revolt following his unfounded speculation about the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.

Uh oh My ANNUAL Memorial Day long weekend starts NOW. Destroy Trump/Conservative media breathless coverage starts! Did Hannity do last show?

— Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) May 25, 2017

Also Read: Laura Ingraham Will Return Next Monday Despite Ad Boycott, Fox News Says

Fox News is currently facing a lawsuit from Rich’s parents over this now retracted article that suggested, without substantiation, that Rich was killed in retaliation for providing DNC emails to WikiLeaks. (Reps for Fox News have not commented on the suit.)

As with Ingraham, the channel vowed at the time that Hannity would return.

“Like the rest of the country, Sean Hannity is taking a vacation for Memorial Day weekend and will be back on Tuesday. Those who suggest otherwise are going to look foolish,” a Fox News spokesperson told TheWrap at the time.

And Hannity did return — as did his colleague Jesse Watters after a sexually charged joke about Ivanka Trump briefly forced him off the air.

Also Read: Bill O'Reilly Slams 'Powerful, Shadowy, Radical' Boycott Against Laura Ingraham

But it doesn’t always work that way: Former network ratings king Bill O’Reilly went on vacation last April in the midst of reports about multiple monetary settlements with women who had accused him of sexual harassment as well as the flight of advertisers over the issue — and he was ousted from the network before he could go back on air.

The final broadcast of “O’Reilly Factor,” which ran almost commercial free, promised a full report on the host’s trip to Italy. (At least he got to meet the pope.)

It remains to be seen whether Ingraham — who has only had her own primetime show since last October but has consistently performed well in the ratings — can survive the current firestorm.

Also Read: Laura Ingraham's Fox News Show Lost More Than Half Its Ad Time Last Week

Even Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera said Monday that he couldn’t say for sure how the Ingraham situation would shake out. “It’s not going to be an easy road,” he told TheWrap.

Peyronnin thinks that the response of both the network and the host has been lacking so far. “Regretfully, Fox News executives are trying to change the subject to censorship and ‘agenda driven-intimidation’ in order to appeal to Ingraham supporters,” he said, adding that the host would be better served by offering a fuller mea culpa than the one she gave last week.

“An appropriate and heartfelt apology by Ingraham is the responsible course of action,” he said.

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Instagram is launching its Shopping feature for business accounts to eight new countries: Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Australia. The photo sharing app first began testing shoppable photo tags in November 2016 before making Shopping on Instagram available to businesses in the United States last year. Since Instagram doesn’t allow […] | 3/20/18

LONDON — The outlook for the 19-country eurozone appeared murkier Monday with the rise of populist parties in Italy and mounting fears of a global trade war after U.S. President Donald Trump backed tariffs on aluminum and steel and warned that more could come, even on European cars.

This shift comes after the eurozone has been one of the bright spots in the global economy for months, with growth and job creation picking up steam after years of crisis management and a lack of confidence.

ROME ? Italian voters delivered a hung parliament on Sunday, flocking to anti-establishment and far-right parties in record numbers and casting the euro zone’s third-largest economy into political gridlock,...

Italy’s national elections yielded no outright winner on Sunday, according to initial exit polls, likely ushering in a protracted period of political instability and tension in the eurozone’s third-largest economy. | 3/5/18
Italy’s national elections yielded no outright winner on Sunday, according to initial exit polls, likely ushering in a protracted period of political instability and tension in the eurozone’s third-largest economy. | 3/5/18
Italians waited in long queues at polling booths on Sunday to vote in an election that could bring political gridlock after a campaign marked by anger over the listless economy, high unemployment and immigration. | 3/4/18
The economy is improving ahead of this weekend’s election, but deep scars from the longest downturn since World War II remain. | 3/3/18
The economy has become a key battleground ahead of Sunday's Italian election. | 3/2/18

Italy has a capitalist economy with high gross domestic product (GDP) per capita and developed infrastructure. According to the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the CIA World Factbook, in 2010 Italy was the eighth-largest economy in the world and the fourth-largest in Europe in terms of nominal GDP, and the tenth-largest economy in the world and fifth-largest in Europe in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP) GDP. Italy is member of the Group of Eight (G8) industrialized nations, the European Union and the OECD.

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