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Americans might have invented reality television (in fact the first reality television series was called An American Family and debuted on PBS in 1973) but the Brits perfected it. Have you watched Love Island? It’s like looking at a Petree dish under a microscope. And it’s amazing. If you don’t believe me, just check out […]

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Lindsay Lohan apparently hasn’t changed her ways.

Following a disturbing video Lohan, 32, posted on Instagram Live over the weekend in which she appeared to get hit in the face by a stranger, a source close the actress tells PEOPLE, “Lindsay hasn’t changed whatsoever.”

“She’s still partying very hard and drinking a lot,” the insider says. “She’s a nightmare to those around her.”

A rep for Lohan did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

While Lohan has since deleted the video, PEOPLE was able to watch it beforehand.

Lohan shared several clips of her night before the incident, in which she could be seen partying in a dark and loud club.

Though it is not immediately clear where the incident happened, TMZ reported she was in Russia, while her most recent Instagram location tags show she was recently in Paris.

In the next video, Lohan, who was in a car, spotted a homeless family sleeping outside and identified them as Syrian refugees.

Seemingly trying to help, Lohan approached the family and said the children could come with her to watch movies “on a television or a computer.” However, when they do not make moves to leave with her, she started to become belligerent. It’s not immediately clear whether the family could understand what she was saying to them.

Lohan accused the parents of trafficking children when they walked passed her car. As she began to follow the family, a female voice could be heard approaching her, after which Lohan lets out an audible gasp and her camera shook.

She then turned the camera around on herself and said she was struck by the woman. “You guys, I’m so scared,” she remarks while crying and grabbing the side of her face. Shortly after, the video ended.

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Days earlier, Lohan was spotted in Paris, where she attended the Saint Laurent runway show alongside her brother, model Dakota Lohan, 22.

The actress has recently been spending a lot of time in Mykonos, Greece to film her new reality series, Lohan Beach Club, slated to premiere on MTV in 2019.

Over the past decade, Lohan has been arrested multiple times for offenses like driving under the influence and shoplifting.

Most recently, Lohan received probation and 240 hours of community service after pleading no contest to reckless driving in a June 2012 car crash in Santa Monica.

MTV did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment. | 10/2/18