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Breathtaking images capture the spectacular lunar event in the skies above Europe. | 4/8/20
After weeks of lockdowns and social distancing, experts are seeing some glimmers of hope in Europe. | 4/7/20
France reveals 884 deaths linked to coronavirus and more cases emerge in Spain and Italy. | 4/3/20
UK and European 5G network rollouts will certainly be delayed during the pandemic, Huawei says. | 3/31/20
News is emerging of growing numbers of deaths from coronavirus in care homes across Europe. | 3/31/20
The BBC’s Gavin Lee took a road trip in Europe's Schengen area to see how free movement has changed. | 3/31/20
New data confirms the improvement in air quality over Europe - a by-product of the coronavirus crisis. | 3/27/20
The annual event in Newcastle, dating back to 1882, is said to be Europe's largest travelling fair. | 3/26/20

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced via Twitter today that the company has sourced and will be donating 10 million face masks for the U.S. and millions more…

The post Apple donates 10M face masks in U.S. and millions more in Europe appeared first on MacDailyNews. | 3/25/20
The annual event is Europe's largest Gypsy and traveller gathering, attracting about 40,000 visitors. | 3/25/20
Germany’s coronavirus death toll has remained low amid a surge in cases throughout Europe, with some experts saying the virus has not yet hit the country’s elderly population. | 3/24/20

Sony intends to "manage" PlayStation Network download traffic in Europe to "help preserve access for the entire internet community." ... | 3/24/20
Italy is now the epicentre of the coronavirus crisis in Europe, but what is life in lockdown like? | 3/24/20
Facebook is temporarily downgrading the quality of video streaming in Europe on its social platforms Facebook and Instagram in response to a call for action from the European Commission, per Reuters. Disney has also said it will work to shrink bandwidth used by its streaming service, Disney+, which is due to begin launching in Europe […] | 3/23/20

European officials have instructed streaming services like Apple TV+ to reduce the bandwidth in use by their services. Limiting streaming video quality …

The post Apple limits streaming quality of Apple TV+ in Europe appeared first on MacDailyNews. | 3/21/20
The video-streaming giant wants to ease strain on internet service providers. | 3/19/20
Stringent measures could be long-lasting, with France and Italy talking tough on transgressors. | 3/19/20
European Central Bank head Christine Lagarde: "There are no limits to our commitment to the euro". | 3/19/20
Liverpool have the most valuable squad in the transfer market from Europe's top-five leagues, according to research group CIES Football Observatory. | 3/16/20
Travellers returning from Europe queue for hours as new health screening measures are introduced. | 3/15/20
In a “tragic milestone,” Europe has surpassed China to become the epicenter of the novel coronavirus pandemic that has claimed the lives of more than 5,000 people around the world. | 3/14/20
More cases are now reported every day in Europe than in China at its peak, the WHO says. | 3/14/20
Just as things in Europe were getting really bad, they’ve gotten a lot worse. Cinema shutdowns across Europe on Friday, in addition to travel bans and multiple film and TV shoot postponements, have left Europe’s film industry facing a perfect storm — and sent shockwaves across the whole of its movie industry. They also saw […] | 3/13/20
Governments and authorities promise more efforts to stave off the economic impact of the virus. | 3/13/20
The FTSE 100 slumps 5% as Donald Trump restricts travel to the US from mainland Europe. | 3/12/20
The US restricts arrivals from 26 European countries in a bid to tackle the coronavirus outbreak. | 3/12/20
Europe and Russia decide to postpone their mission to search for life on the Red Planet. | 3/12/20
MADRID  — HBO Europe’s “Patria” will debut day and date on May 17 in the U.S. and 61 countries across Europe and Latin America, a first for HBO Europe, the pay and streaming TV service announced on Thursday, also dropping the first trailer to the series. In the U.S., “Patria” will be made available on […] | 3/12/20

President Trump announced sweeping new travel restrictions in a live address to the nation, instituting a 30-day travel ban from Europe to the U.S…

The post President Trump bans travel from Europe to U.S. for 30 days appeared first on MacDailyNews. | 3/12/20
As Italy surpassed more than 10,000 coronavirus cases on Wednesday, health officials described Europe as the new ground zero for the disease, with infections spiking in several nations on the European continent. | 3/11/20
Europe's Ryder Cup captain Padraig Harrington has dismisses 'crass' comments by former USA captain Paul Azinger. | 3/5/20
The continent's winter months have seen average temperatures reach 3.4C above the long-term norm. | 3/5/20
Gaga will visit six cities across Europe and North America this summer. | 3/5/20
About 330,000 people flew with the airline from Cardiff to destinations in the UK and Europe. | 3/5/20
Europe's flagship telescopes will cope with the effects of thousands of new satellites in the sky. | 3/5/20

Epic Games has canceled Unreal Fest Europe 2020 due to uncertainty caused by the spread of the coronavirus. ...

Organisers say they have decided not to go ahead due to the virus's "escalation" in Europe. | 3/4/20
Turkey’s president warned Monday that Europe could expect “millions” of migrants and refugees after easing his country’s border-crossing restrictions. | 3/2/20
Turkey says it is no longer preventing Syrians from leaving for Europe - and the refugees want to move. | 2/29/20
The move comes after 33 Turkish troops were killed in Syria, where 1m civilians are fleeing fighting. | 2/28/20
The addiction management method used in Europe and Canada has met determined opposition in the US. | 2/28/20
Italy suffers losses as the epicentre of coronavirus in Europe, as infections spread to more countries. | 2/27/20
Europe's worst-hit country reports a rise of 25% in a day, as the virus spreads fast outside China. | 2/26/20
Cases have emerged in several countries involving travellers from Italy, but borders remain open. | 2/26/20
The US star has postponed dates in the UK and Europe on doctor's orders. | 2/20/20
U.S. venture capital firm Quake Capital is partnering with German telco giant Deutsche Telekom and Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland on a new technology accelerator program focused on 5G immersive entertainment. Based in Cologne, Quake Europe will target seed-level investments in early stage consumer-focused 5G tech ventures in Europe. Deutsche Telekom tech incubator Hubraum is serving as […] | 2/19/20
A Chinese tourist has died in France from coronavirus - the first fatality outside Asia. | 2/15/20
Manchester City are banned from European club competitions for two seasons by Uefa. | 2/14/20
A 26-year-old man who claimed that he was beaten, buried and left for dead in a shallow grave in downtown Kingston last October has been given asylum in Europe. "He got assistance from J-FLAG (Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays) and... | 2/14/20
Mark Zuckerberg says he understands the "frustration about how tech companies are taxed in Europe". | 2/14/20