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Last week, the Duchess of Cambridge wore honest-to-God trousers for a Christmas party-event at an RAF base in Cyprus. As soon as she stepped off the plane, people were shook about Kate’s trousers. It was the first time she had ever worn such a smart pantsuit with wide-leg trousers in all of her years of […] | 12/10/18
On the final leg of his journey from Iraq to Europe, Hawye Rasool Saleh paid 400 euros ($457) borrowed from his best friend to a smuggler who would help him across the cease-fire line of ethnically split Cyprus. | 12/10/18
I was under the impression that Duchess Kate’s legs only existed in an on-duty Royal capacity if they were wrapped in pantyhose and covered from the knees-up by a skirt. But what is this? Duchess Kate wore pants today, and she’s still here! Duchess Kate and Prince William appeared in Cyprus today to visit a […] | 12/5/18
A gift for a loved one serving abroad at Christmas? Prince William and Catherine do a festive delivery. | 12/5/18
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Cyprus today to do another holiday party for RAF personnel and RAF families. Yesterday, Will and Kate hosted a Christmas party for RAF families at Kensington Palace, and it seemed to go pretty well – Kate even made a speech! The palace party was exhaustively covered by […] | 12/5/18
Nine-year-old Miles imagines himself a Manchester United player as he kicks a ball down Clarendon Road, a lonely street in a corner of this British military base on Cyprus that's been his home all his life. | 12/4/18
Embed from Getty Images The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hosted a Christmas party for RAF families at Kensington Palace this year. The Christmas partying doesn’t stop at the palace – Will and Kate are due to travel to an RAF base in Cyprus to throw another holiday party for RAF personnel and their families. […] | 12/4/18
Three footballers have serious heart conditions after being given "unidentified substances" by their Cypriot clubs, claims FifPro. | 11/29/18
Nicosia, Cyprus based experimental black metal outfit Voz De Nenhum premiere a new song entitled "Ia’Iaxa", taken from their upcoming debut album "Sublimation", which will be out in stores in spring 2019. Check out now "Ia’Iaxa" below. Ia’Iaxa (single) by Voz De Nenhum Read More/Discuss on Metal
Legend has it that the intricate needlework used in embroidery known as 'Lefkaritiko lace' was of such high quality that Leonardo Da Vinci himself bought a tablecloth when he visited this mountainous village in the late 15th century and gifted it to Milan's cathedral. | 11/19/18
Turkey's Foreign Ministry has cautioned an international energy company against cooperating with the government of Cyprus in its search for gas.
The Dutch investigator says he is proud to be able to return the sixth-Century mosaic to Cyprus. | 11/18/18
Two new crossings between Greek and Turkish Cyprus open - the first in eight years. | 11/12/18
The following arrests were reported in Lebanon Friday. PEOPLE SMUGGLERS
The Lebanese Army stopped a number of people Friday onboard a fishing boat trying to illegally migrate to Cyprus, local news channel LBCI reported.
The Internal Security Forces has thwarted an operation to smuggle 32 people from north Lebanon to Cyprus by boat, local media reported Wednesday.
The boats had left Lebanon two days earlier, bound for Greece, but their passengers now faced a dilemma: push for the European mainland or cut their losses and make for nearby Cyprus and safety.
Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says he believes prospects for a comprehensive settlement that will reunify Cyprus "remain alive" and he will prepare the way for negotiations between Greek and Turkish Cypriots to resume. | 10/24/18
But an investigation by BuzzFeed News reveals that these seemingly separate apps and companies are today part of a massive, sophisticated digital advertising fraud scheme involving more than 125 Android apps and websites connected to a network of front and shell companies in Cyprus, Malta, British Virgin Islands, Croatia, Bulgaria, and elsewhere. More than a dozen of the affected apps are targeted at kids or teens, and a person involved in the scheme estimates it has stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from brands whose ads were shown to bots instead of actual humans. Scammers were buying applications from developers, and after adding usage behavior tracking tools to these existing applications, used said data to mimic "real" user behaviour.
One way the fraudsters find apps for their scheme is to acquire legitimate apps through We Purchase Apps and transfer them to shell companies. They then capture the behavior of the app's human users and program a vast network of bots to mimic it, according to analysis from Protected Media, a cybersecurity and fraud detection firm that analyzed the apps and websites at BuzzFeed News' request.

Sure, this is all terrible and probably quite illegal, but honestly, you have to respect the ingenuity here. | 10/24/18
Theresa May tells MPs that progress is being made about post-Brexit issues involving Cyprus, Gibraltar and Northern Ireland. | 10/22/18
Cypriot police say most of the 29 Syrian migrants who have arrived to the Mediterranean island after setting sail from Lebanon told authorities they have relatives living on Cyprus.
"Have you seen a dog pass by?" The Match Factory has released the first official trailer for an indie comedy titled Smuggling Hendrix, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. The film is about a man from Cyprus planning to leave the island until his dog runs off and crosses the UN Buffer Zone that separates the "Greek South" from the "Turkish North". He must figure out how to bring him back across. Starring Adam Bousdoukos, Vicky Papadopoulou, Fatih Al, Toni Dimitriou, and Özgür Karadeniz. "Through the simple story of a man who loses his dog, Smuggling Hendrix gives a vivid demonstration of how the fences we build, both real and imagined, between ourselves and others, can be broken down once we recognize the familiarity in the face of the unknown." I'm a dog lover so I'm totally into this, but it also looks damn good. Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Marios Piperides' Smuggling Hendrix, direct from YouTube: Yiannis ...
Greek band Agos premiere a new song titled "Glorious Return", taken from their upcoming debut album, "Aonian Invocation", which will be released on October 28 by Satanath Records (Russia), Deathhammer Records (Cyprus), and Heathen Tribes (Germany). Check out now "Glorious Return" below. Read More/Discuss on Metal
Over 30 people were rescued off Lebanon’s coast when a UNIFIL marine force intercepted a boat that was heading to Cyprus, the Lebanese Army and the peacekeeping mission said Friday.
A UNIFIL marine force Friday intercepted a boat carrying 32 people who were illegally attempting to leave Lebanon for Cyprus, a statement from the Lebanese Army reported.
The leaders of Greece, Egypt and Cyprus are meeting on the island of Crete to discuss furthering regional cooperation, including oil and gas exploration rights in the east Mediterranean and efforts to combat illegal immigration to Europe.
Hailing from Greece black metal band Agos have teamed up with to exclusively premiere their new song "Mardyakhor", taken from their impending new album "Aonian Invocation", which will be co-released by Satanath Records (Russia), Deathhammer Records (Cyprus) and Heathen Tribes (Germany) on October 28. Check out now "Mardya... Read More/Discuss on Metal
Washington regulators are cracking down on money laundering and penalizing wealthy Russians on a tiny Mediterranean island as they try to check Moscow’s power in Europe. | 9/30/18
British families in Cyprus say they've been waiting years for compensation after their homes were destroyed. | 9/24/18
The Latest on Europe's response to the influx of migrants (all times local): 5:40 p.m. Cyprus police say 65 people — including 24 children and 18 women — believed to be Syrian migrants are receiving medical check-ups after arriving aboard a boat spotted southeast of the east Mediterranean island nation. | 9/20/18
Cyprus and Egypt Wednesday signed an agreement paving the way for the Mediterranean’s first subsea pipeline to carry Cypriot natural gas to the Arab country for re-export to Europe.
Cyprus and Egypt Wednesday signed an agreement paving the way for the Mediterranean's first sub sea pipeline to carry Cypriot natural gas to the Arab country for re-export to Europe.
Robert Birch was on holiday with his family in Cyprus when he was hit by a car and killed. | 9/19/18
Dartford MP Gareth Johnson travels to Cyprus to "kick start" a two-year-old murder investigation. | 9/17/18
A group of Syrian nationals has been arrested for attempting to illegally leave Lebanese territory for Cyprus by boat, a statement from the Internal Security Forces said Wednesday.
The Mysterious Girl hitmaker, 45, showed viewers the ropes around preparing Mediterranean dish souvlakia during their idyllic getaway in Cyprus with his children Princess, 11, and son Junior, 13.
Cyprus will coordinate with other front-line Mediterranean countries bearing the brunt of new migrant arrivals to demand that other European Union member states take in more people who have been granted asylum, the island nation's interior minister said Wednesday. | 9/5/18
"What kind of person would fake a heart attack?" An official trailer has debuted for a documentary titled The Ghost of Peter Sellers, which is playing at film festivals this fall without a release date yet. The film tells the story of how famed actor Peter Sellers started to work an epic 17th Century pirate movie near Cyprus, called Ghost in the Noonday Sun, which became a disaster while filming and was never released in theaters. Structured around the original director Peter Medak and his journey back to the island 42 years later, the film is about how it all went wrong and what happened, and the story of how Peter Sellers helped turn it into a shipwreck. After troubles while filming, Medak later described the film as "the biggest disaster of my life." This film seems to be his attempt to wash himself clean and examine in closer detail exactly what went wrong. Another fascinating documentary for cinephiles to ...
Ray Woolley breaks his own record as the world's oldest scuba diver by taking the plunge in Cyprus. | 9/2/18
An Egyptian man who diverted a plane to Cyprus is sent home after a two-year extradition battle. | 8/19/18
An Egyptian man who hijacked a domestic EgyptAir flight in 2016 and ordered it to land in Cyprus to allegedly protest Egypt's military-backed government has been extradited to his homeland after giving up a drawn-out legal fight, authorities said Sunday. | 8/19/18
Annan was unable to bring peace to Syria and bring to rest the failures of diplomacy in Rwanda, Bosnia, Darfur, Cyprus, Somalia and Iraq, which are likely to drown out the plaudits for his softly spoken mediation and efforts to eradicate poverty and AIDS that won him the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize. | 8/18/18
For these ancient reptiles, a stretch of beach on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus has been their home for thousands of years.
For these ancient reptiles, a stretch of beach on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus has been their home for thousands of years. | 8/16/18
Sources claimed the pair 'didn't look like a happy couple' and Summer decided to cut the romantic holiday short afterwards and jetted home alone.
The biggest bank in the island nation of Cyprus has turned from a lender once reputed for its secrecy into something of a cooperating witness in the Paul Manafort trial. | 8/7/18
The biggest bank in the island nation of Cyprus has turned from a lender once reputed for its secrecy into something of a cooperating witness in the Paul Manafort trial. | 8/7/18
Peter Andre, 45, was happier than ever with his beautiful wife Emily MacDonagh, 28, as he shared snaps from Cyprus on Saturday after claims his ex-wife Katie Price is going bankrupt.
Peter Andre gave fans an inside look at his £600 a night villa where he stayed with his family on holiday in Cyprus, complete with its own hot tub on the terrace, private massages, and in-house catering.
Four friends scuba-dived off the coast of Cyprus but their air tanks quickly ran out triggering a chain of catastrophic events. | 8/1/18