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The Mediterranean island nation of Malta needs better checks and balances, with the prime minister's powers currently eclipsing other institutions, experts from Europe's top human rights body said on Friday. | 12/14/18
Northern Ireland Under-21s will face Denmark, Romania, Ukraine, Finland and Malta in Group Eight of the Euro 2021 qualifiers. | 12/11/18
We're a week-and-a-half out from a new Smashing Pumpkins album, in case you forgot. The album, which has the very long title Shiny And Oh So Bright, Vol. 1 / LP: No Past. No Future. No Sun , finds Billy Corgan reuniting with James Iha, Jimmy Chamberlain, and Jeff Schroeder shortly after a recent tour featuring… | 11/7/18
Pilatus Bank had been accused of corruption by murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. | 11/5/18
Tourism minister Edmund Bartlett says that Jamaica has benefited greatly from a recent meeting he had with president of Malta, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca.The minister, who left the island last week for the meeting, said that both countries have...
Double Olympic champion Alistair Brownlee is one of six GB athletes missing this weekend's Super League Triathlon event in Malta. | 10/26/18
But an investigation by BuzzFeed News reveals that these seemingly separate apps and companies are today part of a massive, sophisticated digital advertising fraud scheme involving more than 125 Android apps and websites connected to a network of front and shell companies in Cyprus, Malta, British Virgin Islands, Croatia, Bulgaria, and elsewhere. More than a dozen of the affected apps are targeted at kids or teens, and a person involved in the scheme estimates it has stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from brands whose ads were shown to bots instead of actual humans. Scammers were buying applications from developers, and after adding usage behavior tracking tools to these existing applications, used said data to mimic "real" user behaviour.
One way the fraudsters find apps for their scheme is to acquire legitimate apps through We Purchase Apps and transfer them to shell companies. They then capture the behavior of the app's human users and program a vast network of bots to mimic it, according to analysis from Protected Media, a cybersecurity and fraud detection firm that analyzed the apps and websites at BuzzFeed News' request.

Sure, this is all terrible and probably quite illegal, but honestly, you have to respect the ingenuity here. | 10/24/18
The Maltese academic who allegedly dropped the first hint that Russians would interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election has gone missing — and an Associated Press investigation shows that this isn't the first time. | 10/22/18
In a country where abortion is still taboo, a new play hopes to cue a genuine public discussion. | 10/19/18
LabourStart headline - Source: IFJ | 10/16/18
The Latest on immigration into Europe (all times local): 4:50 p.m. | 9/30/18
Prime Minister of Malta says EU leaders are "almost unanimous" about another referendum. | 9/20/18
The Latest on Europe's response to mass migration (all times local): 4:30 p.m. Malta is contesting the Italian premier's assertion that it had responsibility for a group of nearly 180 migrants eventually picked up by an Italian coast guard ship and brought to Italy. | 9/12/18
The tale of the unnamed patient from Malta, one of the first to show beer potomania can cause 'irreversible' problems, was published in the prestigious BMJ Case Reports.
A former seaside hamlet that is now one of Malta’s most modern towns is struggling to keep ancient traditions alive, though not for want of trying.
The 63-year-old father-of-five married the Malta-born 40-year-old in 2009 after meeting at the gym in 2007 through their mutual fitness trainer
The European Union is trying to find countries willing to take 177 people rescued at sea after Italy sought its help to deal with yet another migrant standoff with Malta. | 8/20/18
Rita Ora, 27, flaunted her sensational figure in a skimpy white bikini which showed off her dainty tattoos as she continued her Malta getaway.
'Bharat' will see Nora Fatehi playing a Latino gal from Malta | 8/14/18
Latest video of Salman Khan is too cute to be ignored | 8/12/18
Salman Khan begins shooting the second schedule in Malta | 8/10/18
Anti-corruption blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia's dogs were killed on three occasions, her son says. | 8/9/18
The son of murdered anti-corruption blogger Caruana Galizia urges Malta to hold a public inquiry. | 8/9/18
Diane Ainsley went to the island of Gozo to stay with her boyfriend who also died. | 8/3/18
With multinational, financial services and internet gaming companies setting up offices in Malta, foreigners are moving in — and housing prices are going up. | 8/1/18
The crew stayed in Malta for 45 days and shot at various locations, making it one of the most-expensive outdoor schedules in the history of Indian cinema, says source | 7/30/18
The Latest on Europe's response to mass migration (all times local): 9:45 p.m. Thirty migrants rescued from the Mediterranean Sea have left Malta for Portugal, part of a deal that ended a standoff over a private aid boat. | 7/29/18
With their eyes on blockchain jobs and revenue, small countries and territories are competing to become the go-to destinations for entrepreneurs and projects. | 7/29/18
The Latest on Europe's response to mass migration (all times local): 7:10 p.m. | 7/16/18
Italy transferred 451 migrants from a big fishing boat onto two border patrol vessels Saturday in the Mediterranean Sea, but the migrants' ultimate destination remained uncertain after Italy's hard-line interior minister insisted they should be sent to Malta or Libya instead. | 7/14/18
The Latest on the migrant crisis in Europe (all times local): 5:50 p.m. Italy is insisting Malta must rescue 450 migrants at sea and give them safe harbor. | 7/13/18
The Latest on the influx of migrants into Europe (all times local): 4:35 p.m. | 7/11/18
Haine, a four-piece metal band from Malta, premiere a new single and lyric video titled "I, Empyreal". Check out now "I, Empyreal" below. Read More/Discuss on Metal
A rescue ship carrying 60 migrants arrived Wednesday in a Spanish port after being refused entry by Italy and Malta, the second time in a month that a humanitarian group has been forced to travel for days to unload people rescued in the central Mediterranean. | 7/4/18

ROME ? A humanitarian boat carrying 59 migrants rescued off Libya was heading for Barcelona on Sunday after Italy and Malta, both much closer to the place of rescue, had refused to let it dock in their...

She got married to Mark Tabone on the picturesque Sunshine Coast last month and then again in Malta.
Lisa Curry has announced that she had another secret wedding, this time in Malta where she and husband Mark Tabone are honeymooning.
An agreement to distribute the migrants over several countries came a day before a European Union meeting on the issue. Germany will not to take any in. | 6/28/18
A humanitarian rescue ship blocked at sea for nearly a week as European nations quibbled over its fate arrived in Malta Wednesday evening to disembark 234 migrants, ending Europe’s second impasse in recent weeks over the fate of people saved at sea amid rising political resistance to their welcome. | 6/27/18
The vessel Lifeline finally reaches port after days stranded at sea amid a political row. | 6/27/18
A humanitarian rescue boat sought more sheltered seas off Malta on Wednesday as EU countries haggled over which would accept some of the 200 migrants saved from rubber dinghies off the Libyan coast six days ago. | 6/27/18
The offer echoes calls in Italy and Spain for other states to help deal with the arrival of thousands of migrants from Africa. | 6/27/18
A German aid ship carrying more than 200 migrants headed toward Malta after Italy agreed Tuesday to take in some of the passengers, ending Europe's second impasse this month over the people rescued off Libya's coast by private humanitarian groups. | 6/26/18
Malta is at the centre of a new dispute over migrants stranded on a rescue ship. | 6/26/18
The Italian interior minister referred to those on board the MV Lifeline as “human meat,” prompting an outcry. | 6/25/18
Sanchez pushed migration up the agenda shortly after he took office earlier this month by accepting the Aquarius, an NGO boat carrying 629 migrants that was blocked from docking in Italy and Malta, sparking an international crisis over how the EU deals with illegal immigration. | 6/24/18
Malta says it will not be dictated to after Italy called on it to accept migrant rescue ship Lifeline. | 6/23/18
The Latest on immigration issues in Europe (all times local): 3:45 p.m. Malta's premier is telling a German aid group to reroute its rescue ship away from the Mediterranean island to avoid further escalation of another European standoff over helping migrants. | 6/23/18
The Aquarius was previously refused entry by Italy and Malta. Its passengers landed in the Port of Valencia after over a week at sea. | 6/17/18
A migrant rescue boat turned away by Italy and Malta arrived at the Spanish port of Valencia on Sunday, ending a gruelling voyage which has made it a symbol of Europe's failure to agree on immigration. | 6/17/18