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The BBC's Matt McGrath looks back at key developments at UN climate talks that have ended in Poland. | 12/16/18
Nearly 200 nations agree rules on implementing 2015 Paris agreement at UN climate talks in Poland. | 12/15/18
The Latest on the U.N. climate talks in Poland (all times local): 4:30 p.m. Attempts by developed nations at the U.N. climate talks in Poland to create watertight rules for international carbon emissions trading have prompted new, last-minute demands from Brazil. | 12/15/18
UN secretary general tells climate negotiators in Poland that failure to make progress would be a desperate blow for the planet. | 12/13/18
As negotiators at United Nations climate talks in Poland this week hammer out a rulebook to curb greenhouse-gas emissions, some of the biggest boosters of the 2015 Paris accord are undermining efforts back home to curb global warming. | 12/12/18
The Latest on the climate talks taking place in Poland (all times local): 9:00 p.m. Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore says he thinks President Donald Trump's stance on global warming may actually advance the cause of tackling climate change. | 12/12/18
Protesters are frustrated by strict controls on protests at the UN climate summit in Poland. | 12/12/18
The Latest on U.N. climate talks taking place in Poland (all times local): 11:45 a.m. | 12/11/18
An environmental group said Monday that at least 14 foreigners have been detained or deported by Poland's Border Guard since last week's start of the United Nations climate conference in the south of the country. | 12/10/18
A major climate conference in Poland has failed to adopt a key report after a dispute over a form of words. | 12/8/18
An environmental activist group has blasted Germany's climate record at the UN climate talks in Poland. It cited Germany's love of coal and failure to meet its own targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. | 12/8/18
Lech Walesa is still fighting. | 12/6/18
A Polish court ruled Thursday that Lech Walesa, the anti-communist dissident and former president of Poland, must apologize to the head of Poland's ruling party in a slander case. | 12/6/18
Poland and Taunton winger Aron Struminksi explains how he came to play for a country he had never previously visited. | 12/5/18
Frontier of Existence premiere a new music video for 'The Counterfeit', which was recorded in Marcin Pieklo's Heavens Sound studio in Bielsko-Biala, Poland. Check out now "The Counterfeit" below. Read More/Discuss on Metal
Negotiators from nearly 200 countries are gathering in Poland over the next two weeks to try to put global climate negotiations back on track. | 12/4/18
As delegates to a United Nations climate conference discussed ways to tackle global warming, Poland made clear that it will not give up on coal anytime soon. | 12/4/18
As Poland hosts COP24 in nearby Katowice, David Shukman journeys into the depths of a working mine. | 12/4/18
Poland's agriculture ministry plans to publish a canon of the country's national cuisine. | 12/3/18
Almost 80% of Poland's electricity is generated by burning coal. Patryk Bialas says its high time that changed. | 12/3/18
Crucial talks on limiting climate change start a day early in Poland amid dire warnings. | 12/2/18
As representatives gather in Poland for talks on climate change, we look at how hot the world has got and what can we can all do to tackle global warming. | 12/2/18
Negotiators are gathering in Katowice, Poland, for the annual U.N. climate summit, known informally as COP 24. | 12/1/18
Electronics salesman Leszek Jaworowski says he can't discuss Poland's coal mining with his father. | 11/27/18
At a conference to mark the 20th anniversary of an international accord on restitution, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Russia and Italy were faulted. | 11/26/18
Supreme Court justices forced into early retirement will be reinstated after a ruling by an EU court. | 11/21/18
Sir David Attenborough will join the UN in taking a message from people around the world to the December climate change talks in Poland. | 11/21/18
Poland's ruling party submitted draft legislation to parliament on Wednesday that would reinstate Supreme Court judges who were recently forced into early retirement, The development comes a month after the European Union's top court ordered Poland to immediately suspend a law that lowered the retirement age for Supreme Court judges, forcing about two dozen of them off the bench. | 11/21/18
Poland come from behind to draw with Portugal and ensure they will be in pot one for the Euro 2020 qualifying draw. | 11/20/18
The Polish government said Tuesday that it will not support a global compact seeking international cooperation on migration, citing national sovereignty as it joins countries including Hungary, Austria and the United States in rejecting it. | 11/20/18
The Latest on migrants and asylum-seekers in Europe (all times local): 5 p.m. | 11/20/18
Polish cinematographer Witold Soboci?ski, who received a lifetime achievement award at the Camerimage film festival in Bydgoszcz, Poland, on Nov. 10, died suddenly on Monday. He was 89. Director Roman Polanski made a surprise appearance at Camerimage to present the honor to Soboci?ski. The duo collaborated on the 1988 Paris-set thriller “Frantic,” starring Harrison Ford […] | 11/19/18
A prominent Holocaust researcher said Friday that he is suing a Polish organization for libel after it waged a public campaign last year accusing him of slandering Poland's good name with his work exploring Polish violence against Jews during World War II. | 11/16/18
The 94-year-old defendant testified he thought prisoners' deaths were the result of "miserable conditions" in the camp. Some 65,000 people were killed in the Stutthof concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Poland. | 11/15/18
Far-right movements from across Europe joined a massive march in Warsaw to celebrate Poland’s 100th anniversary of independence, in what has become an annual gathering point for Europe’s political fringe. | 11/12/18
The president said the 100th anniversary of Polish independence was “for everyone.” The march included the far right and omitted opposition leaders. | 11/12/18
Far-right movements from across Europe joined a massive march in Warsaw to celebrate Poland’s 100th anniversary of independence, in what has become an annual gathering point for Europe’s political fringe. | 11/11/18
A march marking 100 years of independence draws huge crowds, but the opposition boycotts the event. | 11/11/18
The Latest on events marking the centennial of Poland's independence (all times local): 3:10 p.m. Poland's president has addressed thousands of people ahead of an Independence Day march in Warsaw that has for the first time been jointly organized by state officials and nationalist organizations. | 11/11/18
Poland is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its rebirth as an independent state on Sunday with a multitude of events across the country, including marches, Masses, and the national hymn being sung in more than 600 public places. | 11/11/18
European Council head Donald Tusk, a former Polish prime minister, on Saturday denounced the euroskeptic populists governing Poland as "contemporary Bolsheviks" who threaten the nation's independence, but can be defeated. | 11/10/18
The Polish government and the organizers of a yearly march organized by nationalist groups have agreed to hold a joint march on the 100th anniversary of Poland's rebirth as a state on Sunday. | 11/10/18
Poland marks 100 years of independence - but the annual march has become a magnet for the far right. | 11/8/18
The question of WWII reparations is still open, and Germany should pay up, says historian Karl Heinz Roth. But Poland, Greece and other countries would have to cooperate. | 11/8/18
Poland's Defense Ministry will handle security during an Independence Day march this weekend in Warsaw as police are staging mass walkouts in a pay dispute that has created concerns about keeping people safe. | 11/8/18
Poland marks its 100th anniversary of independence but the march has become a magnet for the far right. | 11/7/18
The Latest on independence commemorations planned in Poland (all times local): 6:15 p.m. | 11/7/18
After years in power, the Law and Justice party lost big in recent mayoral elections. | 11/6/18
The populist ruling party, Law and Justice, lost in almost all cities, but it gained ground in provincial assemblies. | 11/5/18
Poles voted Sunday in local runoff elections to choose the mayors of several key cities, including Krakow and Gdansk, and more than 640 other towns and smaller localities. | 11/4/18