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Czech Republic Politics

KARLOVY VARY, Czech Republic – Czech film producers are demanding the government step up its game if the country wants to have any chance of remaining competitive as an international filming location. “We used to be the leaders,” said Kevan Van Thompson of Prague’s Czech Anglo Productions, a company with a long record of partnering […] | 7/3/18
Early elections in the Czech Republic appear to have become more likely after the collapse of talks to form a new government. | 4/6/18
The Czech government has canceled a deal that could have given an Australian company the right to mine a huge deposit of lithium, a key component in electric batteries. | 3/1/18
The Polish government is still relying on Hungary’s Viktor Orbán to cover their backs. But this particular alliance may not last forever. EURACTIV Czech Republic takes a look at the story ahead of what could be a defining year for how the EU treats its problem kids. | 1/12/18