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The island center, housing as many as 100 people, is part of the government’s drive to make life so untenable for failed asylum seekers that they leave voluntarily. | 12/3/18

WARNING: Contains major spoilers for “The Favourite” Do not read unless you’ve seen the movie.

Historical accuracy isn’t exactly what Yorgos Lanthimos is going for in his latest film, “The Favourite.” Much like Armando Iannucci’s “The Death of Stalin,” Lanthimos is bending the facts of his period piece in the service of a gripping narrative with a dark moral… namely the corrupting nature of power.

But while the details of the rivalry between Sarah Churchill and Abigail Masham for the affections of Queen Anne — like Sarah being poisoned — might have been creative license by Lanthimos and screenwriters Tony McNamara and Deborah Davis, the subject of whether Queen Anne had a secret romance with either of those two women was one that influenced her reign.

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According to the biography “Queen Anne: The Politics of Passion” by Anne Somerset, the Queen, contrary to the portrayal of her in “The Favourite,” was a reserved, almost stoic figure even as she became physically frail in her old age. While those displeased with her in court might have agreed with Lanthimos’ take on her as a timid monarch afraid of rocking the boat and choosing a side between the Whigs and Tories in Parliament, historians tend to view her unwillingness to commit to one side as a refusal to allow anyone to sway her decisions.

But that didn’t stop Sarah Churchill. Somerset and other historians agree that the Duchess had a very deep and personal relationship with Queen Anne, and that she tried to use that relationship for political ends, as seen in “The Favourite.” Somerset describes Sarah as someone who was able to influence Anne in a way almost no one else could. Whether or not that relationship — and the Queen’s later relationship with Abigail — was romantic is something that isn’t made clear in Anne’s letters, and was the subject of court gossip.

Somerset writes in her book that homosexuality was, of course, frowned upon in 18th century England, but was usually seen as something practiced in more sinful countries like France, where “young ladies are that way debauched in their nunnery education.” On the other hand, impassioned, seemingly romantic letters like the ones shared between Sarah and Anne were simply seen among the English patriarchy as the sort of emotional interactions women shared with each other. So it would be possible for women to hide their romance in plain sight… unless you were the Queen of England.

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In Anne’s case, she was the target of rumors spread by those displeased with her decisions that she was swayed easily by her “favourites,” and that she was emotionally and even sexually dependent on them. As Abigail Masham began to rise in Anne’s favor, Sarah tried to regain her former position by threatening to fan the flames of those rumors.

Yes, the scene in “The Favourite” where Sarah blackmails Anne with the threat of publishing her personal letters really did happen. Somerset, who believes that Anne and Sarah’s relationship wasn’t sexual, also notes that Sarah spread rumors that Anne and Abigail were sharing a bed.

When Anne heard that these rumors were going around, Sarah wrote a letter to her suggesting that she quash the rumors by kicking Abigail out of court. As in the movie, this ended up backfiring, as Anne sent Sarah packing, accusing her of “saying shocking things” about her both in their personal exchanges and to the gossipmongers at court.

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Whether her repulsion at these “shocking things” was out of a fear of being outed as a lesbian or because she was truly repulsed at such false accusations is open to interpretation. Somerset sided with the latter view, noting that Anne cared deeply for her husband, Prince George of Denmark — whom isn’t in “The Favourite” at all — and that Anne herself viewed homosexuality as a “disgusting vice.”

But whether or not Queen Anne really was caught in a heated lesbian love triangle, history shows that the core theme of “The Favourite” still rings true: Truth can easily be twisted and weaponized by those who seek power, and those who are disgruntled with the way of government can be open to having their political defeats be explained by salacious rumors and character smears.

But as the Sarah Churchill of real life and the Abigail Masham played by Emma Stone in “The Favourite” learned, there is such a thing as too much deception. Try to work your lies and manipulations at the wrong time or in the wrong way to the wrong person, and you could be branded as someone who is never to be trusted again.

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Maria Sten is joining the cast of “Swamp Thing,” Warner Bros. announced Friday.

Sten will play Liz Tremayne, who is described as “a close childhood friend of Abby Arcane’s (played by Crystal Reed, splits her time between reporting for the local paper and bartending at her aging father’s roadhouse bar. Her no-nonsense attitude belies a deep compassion for her friends and family as she sets out in her uncompromising quest to expose the secrets that threaten her beloved hometown.”

“Swamp Thing” tells the story of CDC doctor Abby Arcane as she investigates a seemingly deadly swamp-born virus in small-town Louisiana. But Abby soon discovers that the swamp holds secrets, and when unexplainable horrors emerge, no one is safe.

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Sten began her career as a dancer and a model, and was named Miss Denmark in 2008. She will star in the upcoming fourth season of Syfy’s anthology horror series “Channel Zero.” She is repped by CAA, Grandview, and Andre Des Rochers of Gray Krauss Sandler Des Rochers.

James Wan, Mark Verheiden, Gary Dauberman, Michael Clear and Len Wiseman executive produce “Swamp Thing,” which is based on DC characters created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson. Rob Hackett is co-producer. The series is produced by Atomic Monster in association with Warner Bros. Television. Verheiden and Dauberman are writing the first episode and Wiseman is set to direct.

“Swamp Thing” is based on the DC characters created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson. Mark Verheiden and Gary Dauberman write the series, from James Wan’s Atomic Monster in association with Warner Bros. Television.

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“Swamp Thing” is one of several live-action series coming to the new digital platform DC Universe, including “Stargirl,” which was announced at Comic-Con, “Doom Patrol,” a revival of the Cartoon Network series “Young Justice,” the live-action Lois Lane-Lex Luthor series “Metropolis,” and an animated Harley Quinn series.

DC Universe will launch its streaming service on Sept. 15, with its first series, “Titans” premiering on Oct. 12.

Deadline was first to report the news of Sten’s casting.

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Former broadcasting icon Charlie Rose made a return to Twitter over the weekend, putting out a single cryptic tweet containing just one letter.

“H,” wrote Rose, who offered no additional information or followup.


— Charlie Rose (@charlierose) March 18, 2018

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It’s unclear what the “H” meant. Rose did not immediately respond to a tweeted inquiry from TheWrap.

It was Rose’s first public comment on the platform since he stepped down from his post, following a flood of sexual misconduct accusations waged against him. Rose was overwhelmingly met by fans who said they missed him on the airwaves.

Charlie, welcome back. Your absence has left an intellectual void not only in my life, but that of many of your viewers

– kevin arauz (@Mr_kevinarauz) March 18, 2018

Hi Charlie, miss your interviews. Hope you return soon

– Niranjan CasieChitty (@Niranjan6610) March 18, 2018

at this time of turmoil we need your journalism and professionalism. Hope to see you back on the air soon

– Gherty Ferty (@GhertyFerty) March 18, 2018

I miss you, the alternatives are shit

– Struck_Out_Looking (@Titanuplad87) March 18, 2018

We all make Big mistakes,
Hurry back

– Jose A (@Phxtristar) March 18, 2018

CHAAAARRRLLLIIIIEEEE!!! … we miss you man!!

– Mitzie Walker (@MitzieMar) March 18, 2018

Best Interviewer Period!!!!

– Don Posten (@postend) March 19, 2018

Hang in there Charlie. Hope you get through this and come back stronger and better.

– Debbie Henderson (@DebbieHenders10) March 18, 2018

You were my lifeline to all things important in the world. Please come back

– Judith Robinson (@judijenss) March 18, 2018

After being flagged by journalist Yashar Ali, several more commenters began to fill Rose’s feed to rebut his fans. One woman, Shannon Coulter responded to at least 18 Rose supporters with responses like this, or by linking to news reports of Rose’s past transgressions.

It shows.

— Shannon Coulter (@shannoncoulter) March 19, 2018

– Shannon Coulter (@shannoncoulter) March 19, 2018

Another detractor weighed in:

is for harassment.

— Briar Denmark (@MrRobotCodeBrkr) March 19, 2018

Despite a decades-long broadcasting career, Rose was undone as part of the MeToo movement, which has swept Hollywood, media and politics in recent months. A Washington Post report from November said that Rose had engaged in sexual misconduct with at least eight different woman.

Just days after the story was published, Rose was fired from his job hosting “CBS This Morning” and both PBS and Bloomberg dropped his popular interview program, “Charlie Rose.”

Rose’s last tweet before Sunday was a lengthy statement of apology for years of harassment he meted out to female employees.

My statement in full.

— Charlie Rose (@charlierose) November 20, 2017

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LabourStart headline - Source: The Copenhagen Post | 3/1/18
Denmark's center-right government wants to double the punishment for crimes like vandalism and theft committed in areas with larger number of immigrants and higher unemployment, in an attempt to eliminate so-called "parallel societies" by 2030. | 2/28/18

The Politics of Denmark takes place in a framework of a parliamentary, representative democratic, constitutional monarchy, in which the Prime Minister is the head of government, and of a multi-party system. The Monarch is the head of state and plays a largely ceremonial role with reserve powers. Executive power is exercised by the government, with the prime minister acting as primus inter pares. Legislative power is vested in both the government and the Danish Parliament, Folketinget.

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