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It's go time ... 16-year-old LaMelo Ball has announced he's leaving for Lithuania today to begin his new career as a pro basketball player!  Guessing his 19-year-old brother, LiAngelo, will join him on the flight -- they're… | 1/2/18

Following independence in 1990, the Lithuanian government set up the Physical Education and Sports Department to manage physical education in the schools as well as sports administration in the country. Over the next few years, Lithuanian sports organizations established or re-established membership in various international bodies, including the International Olympic Committee. Lithuania participated in the Winter Olympics in Albertville and every Winter and Summer Olympics since. There are nearly 80 Olympic and non-Olympic sports federations in Lithuania and the Lithuanian Union of Sports Federations was founded in 1993 to unite them. The Sports for All organization was established to promote physical education and a healthy lifestyle for all Lithuanians. Among the most popular sports in Lithuania are basketball, football, athletics and cycling. Professional sportsmen and trainers are educated in the Lithuanian Academy of Physical Education.

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