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Ukraine Sport

Russia has denied planning a major cyberattack that would disrupt soccer's Champions League final this weekend. Ukraine's SBU security service said on Wednesday that malware infecting hundreds of thousands of routers was the work of Russian hackers p... | 5/24/18
The Kremlin on Thursday denied an allegation from Ukraine that Russia was planning a cyber attack on Ukrainian state bodies and private companies ahead of the Champions League soccer final in Kiev on Saturday. | 5/24/18
A chant passed by word of mouth from Italian terraces to Portuguese ultras in a Germany subway to English fans ready to bring it to Ukraine, and a final against Real Madrid. | 5/23/18
Price-gouging in Ukraine has fans scrambling and UEFA thinking: does the European Champions League final really have to be played in Europe? | 5/21/18

Sports such as football and wrestling have been popular in Ukraine since the 19th century. Ukraine has benefited from the Soviet Union's emphasis on sport and physical education and Ukraine was left with hundreds of stadiums, swimming pools, gymnasiums, and other athletic facilities after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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